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So today in Canada is Family Day, a fairly new holiday in which people are meant to spend time with their families (hence the original sounding name, lol).

Thing is I live about 4 hours from ANY family, and everything is closed for the holiday. Soooo, I'm having a little 'Me Day', getting some stuff done I've wanted to finish FOREVER. I've just finished a coat of paint on my living/dining room, and in between coats I plan on:

~ Baking a cake (since my mom baked apple pie on the weekend and I can't get any. D:)
~ Going through all my bills and tax crap
~ Posting some IDW TMNT scans at [community profile] scans_daily since I've been SO BAD at keeping up with that.
~ Finishing up a Tracks/Raoul fanart tonight
~ TRYING to write something.

Will it all be done? STAY TUNED!

...Oh, BTW. I happen to have a DreamWidth account, for anyone interested; [personal profile] rebecky_mo. It'll be mostly the same stuff that I post here on LJ, but if anyone on my F-list is interested in freinding me there, feel free to (and recommend me to any communities I don't know about there)
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Nothing racy here, just first kisses, a little self-reflection from Raoul, and The Oil Rag that started it all.

A few scenes drawn from my 5 Tracks/Raoul Firsts "Danger: Sudden Swerve". The fic happens a good couple years after the two boys meet in the episode "Make Tracks", so Raoul's about 20-21, and is growing out of the 'punk' phase a bit. I can't tell if I managed to age him or not; I have issues with that.

art under the cut! )

To be crossposted to [ profile] flesh_and_steel
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Series: Young Justice
Pairing: Kaldur'Ahm/Wally (Aqualad/Kid Flash)
Rating: PG

I have never done anything to do with the DC cartoon Young Justice before now. This pic has taken my YJ-ginity. XD;

As always, I choose the rare-pairing, and have fallen for Kaldur'Ahm/Wally (Aqualad/Kid Flash). I have a thing for 'opposites attract; Wally is loud, outgoing, and slightly clutzy, while Kaldur is quiet, more withdrawn, and is graceful/steady. One is land, the other water. Dark and light, blonde and redhead.

Over on [ profile] yj_anon_meme, there was a prompt for an AUverse ala Disney's Pocahontas, with Top!Pocahontas!Kaldur and JohnSmith!Wally. Don't ask me why the bunny bit so hard with THIS prompt compared to other Kaldur/Wally ones; maybe it was easier to convert to an art-fill? But I drew it, with a few minor script changes (Kaldur would probably be more forceful than just throwing himself over Wally to protect him). Hopefully this convinces someone to write it. <3

large pic under the cut )

After finishing this a week after starting it, I feel a little better about today. At least I did something good today.
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It's a quiet, cold night, and I'm here overdosing on honey-lemon tea after a very boring day at work. A perfect time to make you all totally jealous show off a few pieces I had commissioned from a friend.

I've known [ profile] anisodus for several years now, our mutual love of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho (and the pairing Kuwabara/Yusuke), and sharing the same first name bringing us together. My personal KuYu art well ran dry a few years back (I still mourn that fact), but I still ogle her wonderful Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, and original artwork all the time on dA. She does fanart, but her style is all her own, and she always makes it work; don't ask me how, I'm still figuring how to do it myself. XD;

In November, she took commissions, and I ordered a couple fanart pieces; one series she's done before, and one she hasn't even CONSIDERED before...

4 images under here! )

Also I'm thinking of uploading all my other recent fic here to LJ; it's all DBZ/Sailor Moon crossover fic, featuring Piccolo/Makoto (Sailor Jupiter). I doubt there's many places for crossover fic here on LJ (or many interested), but I might as well have it all in one spot besides
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I mean, they've never even been in the same damn episode; there's no proof they'd even met.

But they'd totally be the best human team up in Transformers ever. A strong, street smart punk that's awesome with machines, and a determined computer geek genius that doesn't let his disability slow him down? HELL YES. And they could build stuff together that may or may not blow up like Wheeljack's stuff! I blame this comic for sticking the idea in my head (it's even Christmas themed!)

P.S.: Most of these sketches are over 4 months old. They kinda hit the back burner working on Close Encounters and other fic...

P.P.S: Yes, I do have a thing for 'Opposites Attract' teams/pairings be thankful I didn't have them kiss...yet.

P.P.P.S:...I have no idea where else to x-post this to on LJ, if anywhere. XD;
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These will likely all be from the Transformer/Human community [ profile] flesh_and_steel, unless I find another place that gives them out. I'll also put the fic/art entry under the banner to make it easy for me to find them again.

Unless written otherwise, these are all going to have Transformers G1 characters Tracks and Raoul as the main focus, either as friends or as a romantic couple.

Also, some of the fics may have some words in bold text; those challenges also required 5 words from a chosen list to be used in each entry. The bold words are those 5.

since this will likely become image heavy later on... )
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Yep, these two are officially in the penthouse of Fandom Apartments right now.

If you aren't into Transformers fandom, these likely won't interest you. XD

So I'll put these behind a cut, to save some of my F-List's brains a bleaching )

I give up understanding what makes me love a pairing. I'm just here for the ride. *buckles in*
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God, WHY do I always pick the pairings with NO FANDOM?! *flails*

For those not in the know, back in the original Transformers cartoon, a narcissistic (I SPELT IT RIGHT! *pats self on back*) flying-car/robot named Tracks went for a ride in New York, and found himself wrapped around a lamp post (NOT LIKE THAT). Unable to really move, let alone transform, he was stuck.

Enter Raoul, his Latin-accented, breakdance-loving knight in shining armor. Or maybe just his potential carjacker. Actually, both work. (See Transformers, 'Make Tracks' at your local Youtube)

There was snark. And banter. And a lot of 'dudes' and 'mans'. And more banter. And a human in TF actually being useful and cool. In another episode, we even got some bondage. (Again, check out Youtube, this time for 'Auto Bop')

I fell for these two HARD. And of course they only got 2 episodes to hang out. Raoul's never been seen again, and Tracks has had a few cameos.

So I figured I'd bring 'em into the 21st century a bit. Meet my modern version of Raoul, and Tracks' Holoform (working on my robot drawing skills still).

Thumbnails to modern update art and PORN behind the cut )
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So as usual, it's been awhile since the last entry. *sigh* Between helping a friend pack for moving, crazy sales at work, and trying to get this stupid cosplay done, things have been a little nuts.

It all came to a head last week when I got word my mom was in the hospital; it wasn't anything life-threatening, but she was in there for about a week to recuperate. Since I didn't feel like sitting 5 hours away and worrying all weekend, I decided last minute to go up north to cheer her up (I haven't been home since Christmas). She got out yesterday, and hopefully it stays that way.

But now I'm back home, and hoping to get some stuff done this weekend; including art!

Fair warning; I was watching G1 Transformers while I was home, and a certain pairing has EATEN MY BRAIN. (Why can't I ever like the popular pairings? WHY? Dammit.)

Art WIP List
- Piccolo/Makoto "Neither Rain, Nor Sleet" (scanned, coloring in progress)
- Transformers M/M character designs, and SMUT! (pencil drawings)
- Kuwabara/Yusuke "Conscience vs Machismo" (sketched)
- Prize Art for :devff8cb5: (YYH OC's) (sketched)

Art Ideas
- "In Your Dreams" Series (Kuwabara/Yusuke; Yu Yu Hakusho)
- "A Shoulder To Gnaw On" Series (Kuwabara/Yusuke; Yu Yu Hakusho)
- "Time To Shine" (SM/DBZ Crossover, various char)
- "One Step At A Time" (Piccolo/Makoto; SM/DBZ Crossover)
- "Scarred Star" (Piccolo/Makoto; SM/DBZ Crossover)
- "Pollen Nocturne" (Piccolo/Makoto; SM/DBZ Crossover)
And other various Piccolo/Makoto pics. ^^;

I'd love some suggestion as to which planned art ideas you guys might like to see first (after I finish the WIP's, of course.)
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Over at a Talenthouse.Com, contest is going on, begun by Stan Lee, his foundation and Todd McFarlane.

The premise? Create your own original superhero (not of any other hero universe). Voting is going on now, and the Top 20 will be viewed by Stan Lee's foundation, and a winner will be chosen.

The winner will be flown to Comic Con (all expenses paid), and receive an award there from Stan Lee himself. They will also tour Todd McFarlane's studios, and have their hero made into a statue/figurine, to be given to select donators to Stan Lee's Foundation (and the winner). Runners up will receive a Prismacolor Marker set, and the Top 20 will also receive a Marvel movie poster, signed by Stan Lee.

I'm hoping the people here might give me a few extra votes. ^_^ My entry is Kilt, aka Ceanna MacNabb.

"When Ceanna was in university, studying to become a teacher, strange things began to happen in Edinburgh. People were being murdered in the ancient castles of the lands, their blood drained from their bodies from a deep wound in their chest. The only survivor was found in one of the castles, eyes clenched shut, and reciting a prayer.

With her love of history and folklore, she knew that this killer was the legendary creature RedCap, and insisted to the police that however crazy it sounded, it MUST be true! But they didn't listen. More people died, one by one...Ceanna couldn't take it anymore; if the police wouldn't listen, SHE had to do something!

She took down the decorative claymore sword her father had made years before, and set out to sharpen it's dull blades. Disguising herself in an old school uniform and a mask of red paint, she set out towards the castles of the borders...Now, years later as high-school history teacher in Glasgow, Ceanna continues to right the darkest of wrongs in the United Kingdom, taking on villians of both myth and mortal origins.

There is no magic ring; no powers granted by a yellow sun, nor limitless wealth and tools to aid her quest. Her love of history, folklore, and languages act as her sharpest weapons, and her newly forged claymore her deadliest. Her only shield is but a brooch, which protects her from magic attacks, both physical and mental.

Ceanna has no deep need for justice, no tragedy that pushes her forward. All she knows is that things are happening in Scotland that the police can't handle, or choose not to accept. And if one chooses to ignore history, they are often destined to repeat it..."

Thanks for your time guys! ♡
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New Icon is kinda fitting. XD;;

Well, I didn't get all of my fandom stuff done as I wanted. Saturday got eaten up by housework, getting my hair cut, and doing a little cooking/baking, since I hadn't made a GOOD meal for myself in God know how long (meatloaf and apple crisp, MMMMM.)

Also, I finally got off my ass and got all of my artwork (that I could find) and video files onto an external hard drive last night. Saves some space on my laptop drive (I didn't like how little I had before then, made me nervous).

But today I managed to finish off the shaping and sanding of Checkmate's 'rook' chess piece (didn't paint, realizing I didn't have the right color. XP), and started on the shaping of the 'knight' chess piece (carving a horses head from foam = NOT EASY). Also had my first exacto-knife accident of the outfit today (I'm okay!)

The helmet wasn't touched, due to the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STYROFOAM flying around. Not something I wanted in the wet bondo I plan to use on the helmet. Hoping to get the proper paints, and things shaped/smoothed by end of next weekend. Also hoping to get pics up here tomorrow night, as it's almost 11 and I have work tomorrow. XP

AND I ACTUALLY DREW TODAY. And it's not awful! 8DD Got my new Kilt character design sheet inked for that contest I mentioned; getting her scanned/colored/entered in the contest is my goal for my evenings this week. Even broke in a new sketchpad for it. That's right, no more lined paper for me, baby; I'm totally BLANK from now on! XD;;

Made an "Art To Do" list too. 80% of it is DBZ/Sailor Moon crossover stuff (Oi...). But there's some YYH/KuwaYusu on there too! As well as a One Piece pic, and maybe some Young Justice art too (oh DC, you make such FABULOUS cartoons. <33)

But time for bed. Night, Internet!
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So what's a girl to do when she has little/no money to spend, no shopping to do, and a full 48 hours to herself?

LOTS! And it all has to do with my fandoms!

First on the block, COSPLAY! I've finally buckled down on my costume of Checkmate from Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle.

~ Helmet is shaped, needs smoothing and paint/shine coat.
~ First shoulder piece 'rook' is being shaped from polystyrene. Shaping is 85% done, needs smoothing and painting.
I'm hoping to get these finished.

If I get these two things done, I'd like to get some drawing done as well; I found out about this contest, and I want to enter my heroine Kilt. But I want to make a more updated character design sheet for her (that ISN'T based on Justice League proportions).

Plus I have an idea for a Kuwabara/Yuusuke picture. And a PIccolo/Makoto one. And other DBZ/Sailor Moon pics.


...I think I need a week's vacation to get all the fangirling I want done. Sigh.
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So yesterday was miss [ profile] paperteacup's birthday, and I wanted to make her something for the occasion.

Unfortunately, I didn't take into account the need to work/sleep, and to get used to drawing a whole new character; so it's a smidge late. Hopefully it's goos enough to be worth a belated birthday gift.

For a SUPER birthday... )


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