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So today in Canada is Family Day, a fairly new holiday in which people are meant to spend time with their families (hence the original sounding name, lol).

Thing is I live about 4 hours from ANY family, and everything is closed for the holiday. Soooo, I'm having a little 'Me Day', getting some stuff done I've wanted to finish FOREVER. I've just finished a coat of paint on my living/dining room, and in between coats I plan on:

~ Baking a cake (since my mom baked apple pie on the weekend and I can't get any. D:)
~ Going through all my bills and tax crap
~ Posting some IDW TMNT scans at [community profile] scans_daily since I've been SO BAD at keeping up with that.
~ Finishing up a Tracks/Raoul fanart tonight
~ TRYING to write something.

Will it all be done? STAY TUNED!

...Oh, BTW. I happen to have a DreamWidth account, for anyone interested; [personal profile] rebecky_mo. It'll be mostly the same stuff that I post here on LJ, but if anyone on my F-list is interested in freinding me there, feel free to (and recommend me to any communities I don't know about there)
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So the Canadian reality game-show 'Instant Cash' was filming at the local mall a month or so back. I saw them doing it, but was kinda terrified at the idea of it, due to embarrassing stunts and pretty varied question themes...

But a new 'Cash Cab'-esque game show on Food Network Canada, where people answer questions about food/cooking at an unassuming ice cream cart to win instant cash?

I NEED TO BE ON THIS SHOW, YOU GUYS. OMG. ToT I'd happily embarrass myself doing some stupid things (if needed), because I think I know enough about food that I'd have a freaking chance!

Video under the cut )

Anyone I know in Ontario, if you see ANYTHING about this show being filmed nearby, let me know? <333

EDIT: Just watched the premiere. HOLY CRAP, this game is easy. Now I REALLY want on it.
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I love watching the Iron Chef America Christmas episode with Robert Irvine/Tyler Florence vs. Cat Cora/Paula Deen. It's just so much fun.

Can we get Paula and Robert hosting a show together? Even if no cooking was actually done, it'd be awesome. XD

EDIT: Just watched the new episode of The Next Iron Chef? My thoughts?

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As a 'foodie', I find myself a little surprised that most of my meal is of homemade fare. Well, not really; my mom's cooking kicks ass. <3

Appetizer: Spinach salad with cranberries and goat's cheese
Main: My mom's cabbage rolls, with a little garlic bread on the side for the sauce
Dessert: My mom's strawberry & rhubarb pie
Drink: Strong iced tea.
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New Icon is kinda fitting. XD;;

Well, I didn't get all of my fandom stuff done as I wanted. Saturday got eaten up by housework, getting my hair cut, and doing a little cooking/baking, since I hadn't made a GOOD meal for myself in God know how long (meatloaf and apple crisp, MMMMM.)

Also, I finally got off my ass and got all of my artwork (that I could find) and video files onto an external hard drive last night. Saves some space on my laptop drive (I didn't like how little I had before then, made me nervous).

But today I managed to finish off the shaping and sanding of Checkmate's 'rook' chess piece (didn't paint, realizing I didn't have the right color. XP), and started on the shaping of the 'knight' chess piece (carving a horses head from foam = NOT EASY). Also had my first exacto-knife accident of the outfit today (I'm okay!)

The helmet wasn't touched, due to the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STYROFOAM flying around. Not something I wanted in the wet bondo I plan to use on the helmet. Hoping to get the proper paints, and things shaped/smoothed by end of next weekend. Also hoping to get pics up here tomorrow night, as it's almost 11 and I have work tomorrow. XP

AND I ACTUALLY DREW TODAY. And it's not awful! 8DD Got my new Kilt character design sheet inked for that contest I mentioned; getting her scanned/colored/entered in the contest is my goal for my evenings this week. Even broke in a new sketchpad for it. That's right, no more lined paper for me, baby; I'm totally BLANK from now on! XD;;

Made an "Art To Do" list too. 80% of it is DBZ/Sailor Moon crossover stuff (Oi...). But there's some YYH/KuwaYusu on there too! As well as a One Piece pic, and maybe some Young Justice art too (oh DC, you make such FABULOUS cartoons. <33)

But time for bed. Night, Internet!
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Oh look, I'm posting here! Must be time for me to attempt a New Year's Resolution again.

Meanwhile, it seems I've got a bit of a Crohn's flare-up going on the last few days. It's not bad enough for me to miss work (thank God, this is the ONE time of year I can't afford to miss work), but it's more than enough to be frustrating.

Worst part is, I did it to myself. I think I can list 'Alcoholic Drinks' as one of my triggers. And I think I suspected it even before too.


But noooo, I had to go to a New Years party with 'kids' still in the "Getting Piss-Drunk Is FUN!" stage of their lives, and drank 4x more than I ever do. (Which surprisingly, didn't even get me DRUNK.)

And I'd been doing pretty damn well during all the holiday stresses too, including traveling home. Guess I need to stock up on some FlareFoods again.

*Is really annoyed with herself right about now*
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Okay, some people may not know this (especially on the intarwebs), but when it comes to food, I have one great weakness. As Kryptonite is to Superman, Potato Chips are to me. Damn near every flavor, and especially with it's partner in crime, Philly Chip Dip.

But lately, I've been worse than usual with my guilty pleasure. Topped off with a bad week of eating out last week, I'm worried I'll start getting into old bad habits and regaining some of the weight I've lost.

So, I've decided to try something. From yesterday (Monday Sept. 24), until Saturday Oct. 27th (when a friend is having a Halloween party), I'm going to try to go without my favorite salty snacks, as well as less eating out. That's just a little under 5 weeks.

My sister says I'll never make it. Heck, I'M not even sure I'll make it. Especially Tuesday nights, when I go to my bowling league thingy. xD;

But hey, it's worth a shot. And who knows, maybe I'll lose some more weight during all this.
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But not lively. xD Kinda tired after yesterday. But anyway, HAI GUYZ! Thought I'd fill you in on my vacation thus far. Pretty much the halfway point, so seems like a good time to update:

Sunday: Bus ride was long as hell, was delayed by a massive accident near bracebridge (hey. check monday's paper and see if it's in there for me?), a fire near the Barrie stop, and the bus being overcrowded (some people had to sit in the aisles); didn't even get to get off the bus for food on our 10 minute break. Got into my stop 15 minutes before my bus left (didn't realize it was my stop at first, thought it was the one BEFORE mine), ran across the street, found out where my bus was, and called you super-quick, you know the rest. Moral of the story? "No matter how 'convenient' the bus schedule is departure-wise, TAKE THE FRIKKIN TRAIN"

Got to Michelle's place around 12am (she met me at the bus, so I knew you got ahold of her), and I was tired, but also wanted to hang out. So we stayed up until 2:30 (and I ate precious filling pasta, HUZZAH!), then passed out.

Monday: Didn't do too much (I was still a bit out of it), went downtown, saw Wendy off (she's staying with Michelle during the next few weekends for a course), then went to a Thai restaurant for lunch and got this awesome Thai Coconut Sauce Fish, Mango Salad Roll, and Fried Shrimp with Taro. >9 So good, but there was so much I couldn't eat it all!

Then we went to an Asian Food Store, picked up some pocky, some cool mini-jello shooters with aloe flavoring (it tastes like mild lime jello), and MOONCAKES. =D Haven't tried the Mooncakes yet. After all this, we planned our trip to Niagara Falls; boy, THAT was a chore; the online schedlues were all mucked up, so we had to go all the way down to the station to find out when the bus left, and couldn't even buy our tickets in advance! Got some groceries, and went to bed early (but not before showing Michi the joys of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. 4 eps in, she's already liking it. Now to catch her up in KF's One Piece subs...)

Tuesday: We left the house around 7am (D=), got our tickets, and waited for the bus/ bugged by a guy asking for money for a ticket, wound up giving him some; not likely he was being honest, but hey, you need the benefit of a doubt sometimes... The bus trip was nice, went through wine country (too bad I couldn't stop and get something for mom). We hit Niagara and tried to find our way around and how to get to stuff. Was directed to this Information center, and the guy was helpful (sometimes gave a little TOO much info, so somewhat confusing), got this Niagara Tourist pass that gave us free pass on the 'people movers' (aka tourist buses) that took you all along the falls area.

So we got to hit the Falls themselves, go Behind the Falls (which wasn't too exciting until you hit the Observation deck. =D Hehe, we got wet), and got to the Butterfly Conservatory (that I didn't even know existed before Monday night) which was AWESOME, I ran outta pics while there. *luffs butterflies* ate and drank lots (HOT out), and FINALLY headed out to the pedestrian bridge that would get us over to the States.

After a quick run through customs and a trip over the Rainbow Bridge (hehehe, Rainbows...), I became an International traveller and was in Niagara Falls, NY, USA. Didn't seem too different from Canada besides the American flags (I dunno what I was expecting, really. xD) We hung out on the US sides of the Falls for awhile; took pics, ate and drank more, rested our feet (well, mine). Then we found ANOTHER info center that told us about a Trolley that took us down to a Fashion Outlet Mall (Okay, I want a Dress Barn in Canada. LIEK NOW), where we shopped for a few hours (I didn't get any clothes, but found a cool picture frame, artichoke-shaped candle and bead bracelets).

We then caught the trolley again (which was kinda bumpy), re-crossed the bridge, and waited for our bus back to Hamilton to show up. Didn't get back to Michelle's place until after midnight, so we were DEAD.

So today is a chill out day, I couldn't go far if I wanted too. We're gonna hang at the house, watch some anime, read, I might draw, and we'll possibly hit this cute/pricey/yummy cafe called the Bean Bar for supper (the food is delicious, and they make DOZENS of cakes for dessert.)

So yeah, that's what's happened so far. xD Thursday is 'handing out resume/going downtown' day, and is also SUSHI DAY. Hope I like it as much as that Thai Coconut Fish I had. Fill you guys in on that and my trip home probably Saturday.

So until then! *goes back to flop on the bed*


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