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And here we are again, the end of another year; 3 hours to go here. At times 2011 seemed to fly by, and then other times it seemed like days were dragging on. The world's changed alot this year; countries rose up, dictators fell, and it's still going on into 2012.

My life in 2011 wasn't nearly as exciting as that, but stuff did happen.

The highs and lows )

...I completed 14 pieces of fanwork this year. Fourteen.

That's more than I did in 2009/2010 combined. I think it's the most I've done in a year since I started working full-time and living alone. I was afraid I was losing my love of art for awhile, afraid I was going to lose one of the only real hobbies I had. Instead, I found new muses in Raoul and Tracks, Piccolo and Sailor Jupiter, and drew. I even started writing real stories again, which I hadn't really done since my Sonic the Hedgehog fandom days, almost a decade ago (if you want a laugh, they're on my account).

I'm not going to pretend I'll ever have the same amount of fanwork as I did working part-time and having my meals/laundry/shopping done for me (that was living, I tell ya!), but one or two pieces a month? I'd be happy with that.

So. *raises a glass of Coke* Adios, 2011; may 2012 bring as many (preferably good) surprises as you did in the last 365 days.

...But not the apocalypse. I think we can all live without that little surprise. XD;;;
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One week and a Christmas later, I'm back at home, waiting to go back to work tomorrow. BOOOOO.

So, how did it go? Well, it was kind of up and down....

fa la la la la... )

I think I've caught a cold though; my throat's been scratchy since Sunday, and now I'm coughing. Of course.

And I didn't get any art/fic done while traveling; I slept through most of both trips, just because of how freaking early the trips were (I was on the move by 6am, both ways). But from the sounds of it I'm not doing anything for New Year's besides working, so I may try something holiday-related this weekend. If not, there's always next year. XD;
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I begin my travels home for the holidays in about...*checks clock*...10 hours. Still have to do dishes, toss out my trash/the food in my fridge, charge my ipod, and finish packing stuff (including my computer).

And yet all I wanna do is veg, watch Storage Wars, and sleep. Go figure. =_=;;

Anyways, this will likely be my last post for a week (as my parents have crappy internet), so I'll wish my F-list a Happy Holidays!!

Hoopefully when you hear from me next week, I'll have some art/fic to share. 5 hours on a train makes for good artistic time. <3
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So today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I'm actually on my way back to my place. I'm thankful there was an Express bus to Toronto, so it'll only be 6 hours on buses instead of 7-8.

I've actually been up north with my family since Thursday afternoon, and we had our family dinner last night. As always, SO MUCH FOOD. Really mom, you need to figure out portions. Really. =_=; We also picked our names for the Secret Santa thing.

My poor sister wound up working all weekend, and couldn't find anyone to take her shift so she missed the dinner last night. She was NOT happy. Christmas dinner is going to be worked around her schedule, as even though she requested Christmas Eve off, there's no guarantees. She's already been stuck working two Xmas Eve's in a row now though, so heads will roll if she's stuck again.

My grandmother...*sigh*. She's still at home, but she looks even worse than the last time I saw her in August. My mom and aunt are getting her into an elderly living apartment next weekend, so at least she'll be able to move around a bit, and sleep in her own bed/bathe in a shower (both are on the second floor of her house, which she can't get up to anymore).

But she can't dress, bathe or cook for herself, and her hand shakes like crazy when she tries to eat. She needs to be in nursing home. But nothing short of a hospital stay is going to get her there now. My aunt is willing to bet that's going to happen by Christmas. I can't disagree with her...

It's hard to see how quickly my grandma deteriorated; 2 years ago, she was still so strong for her age (late 70's) save for a bad shoulder. And watching my 50-something mother already struggling with sore joints and my dad with bad knees...
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First off, an update on my mother/grandmother.

Mom's doing well, and finally went back to work last month. She's on a new medication treatment for her Crohn's , that's supposedly meant to be a miracle drug. Hm. Her incisions are all finally healed too, though she's still having some trouble with one area. But life is almost normal again for her. <3

Grandma's back home as of a month ago too; I still worry about her. She's incredibly weak, and living all alone in a decrepit house where she can't even go upstairs least Red Cross is coming in to see her twice a day to help her bathe/dress/cook meals for her. But last week she fell (again), and had her MedAlert button stuck inside her shirt, so it took her an hour to even press the button for help; no broken bones, but she's black and blue.

She may be finally coming around the idea she can't live alone anymore, and is considering an elderly living arrangement. Of course, she should've started that a year ago when my folks suggested it. At this rate, it'll take another major hospital stay to get her in anywhere soon. *sigh*

Meanwhile at work, I got a surprise.

Since I started working here, an elderly couple (I call them Mr and Mrs Grey) would come in and do their groceries together; super-friendly and sweet, always talking to me and asking how I am. But since last winter, the wife was suddenly coming in on her own. I kinda put it off the first few times; but then months go by, and no sign of Mr. Grey...I wanted to ask, but my co-workers have had their regulars cry after being asked how they were/where their partner was, and well...they weren't with us anymore.

But Friday morning, suddenly I see 'Mrs. Grey'...and Mr. Grey pushing the cart! Turns out he'd had a stroke, and has been recovering all this time. He looks a little older, a little weaker, and needs a cane now...but he's still as sweet as ever, asking me how I've been and all that.

I actually got a little teary-eyed seeing him again; it's funny how attached you can get to your regulars, even if you don't really know them...
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Two weeks ago today, I was frantically trying to complete my costume for Anime North, which was occurring the next weekend. I spend two full days (aka 12 hours a day or more) sitting at my dining room table getting the thing done.

BUT, I got it done. I was happy with it, and all geared up for that Thursday, when I was planning to leave. After two years, I was going back to Anime North!

...Wednesday afternoon at work, I get a phone call.

Up north, my grandmother's gone into the hospital. It's really not looking good for her; people are coming in from all over the country.

After A LOT of talking (and some arguing) on the phone, my father finally convinces my sister and I to go ahead with our plans for the weekend, and I would drive up with my sister to be home in case the worst happens. We do so, and I did enjoy the convention. But the situation back home never leaves my mind.

It only gets worse when we hear from our dad late Saturday that our mother is back in the hospital for the 5th time this year, as yet another complication from her surgery has come up. This time it's a pulmonary embolism (aka blood clot in the lungs). My sister can't drive in the dark, so we decide to leave for home early on Sunday.

My father neglects to mention our mother was taken to the hospital via ambulance (my dad had been at the hospital already with our grandma) and put into the ICU. Didn't want us worrying. Right.

So after a long weekend, we pull into the driveway, and within 15 minutes we're going to the hospital to see our mom and grandma. Mom is weak, pale, and being loaded with blood thinners, but she's good. She came home on Friday afternoon, hopefully for good this time.

And absolutely stunning her doctors. Her kidney function is up from 10% to 40%; she's awake, and speaking a little bit despite the drugs she's on. 11 days after being admitted, she's fully conscious, and while weak and unable to feed herself, is eating a small liquid diet. She's nowhere near out of the woods, but there's actual hope.

For the last week, I was running back and forth to the hospital, doing errands for my family, and visiting friends and more family. I was expecting to go to a funeral.

For all the changes in plans the last week, I'll gladly take that result .

*goes to flop onto couch*
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So after 3 weeks in the hospital, my mom finally came home last Thursday; she needed home care to come repack her incisions, and she still had the drain in her, but she was home.

Almost immediately, her appetite disappeared, and she got nauseous. She drank very little, and ate a hair above nothing. She was weak. Today she went back into the hospital to find out what the hell was causing it, and was re-admitted.

She'd been seeing two different doctors in the hospital after her surgery, and upon leaving, one of them reduced her daily prednisone without consulting the other doctor. She wound up going into prednisone withdrawals, resulting in all of her issues upon leaving the hospital. She's been getting some serious I.V. all day, and will be in the hospital another few days.

I am so F***ing angry at my mother's doctors, I can't even describe it.

They were both working on my mom during surgery at the same time. Do the doctors not even talk to each other about post-op/release treatment? Especially regarding medications?

To make things worse, from the sound of it, one of the doctors may actually be to blame for my mom's fistula (and resultant surgery), as it took him a few times to get the drain into the abscess. He may have punctured something. My dad's thinking of sitting in on one of the doctor's meetings, and possibly considering legal action. We'll see how things go.
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So, 11 months ago, I underwent surgery to deal with an abscess in my intestinal tract, which had been causing me pain for MONTHS. They had to do a resection (for those not in the know, that's when they remove part of the intestine, and reattach the two parts again). Took me MONTHS to recover, mostly because the opening decided to be a bitch and not heal properly. This was my introduction to the world of Crohn's.

So early in March, my mom wound up going into the hospital. For the first time in 13 years (since she got her ostomy), she was having complications from her own Crohns's (it's believed to be genetic). She was in there for a few days, getting her nutrition back up, and was put back on medication.

She was back there last weekend with pains, and this time they discovered and abscess they hadn't seen the last time she was there. They put a drain in her, and sent her home after a few days with instructions to see Homecare to get it replaced/cleaned every couple days. The whole time she was feeling pain.

My dad wound up rushing her to ER Friday night; the abscess had burst, and needed to undergo surgery for the first time in 13 years yesterday. She wound up not only getting a resection, but they also decided to move her ostomy from her one side to the other (meaning removing/sewing up one side of her, and reopening/implanting on the other side).

She'll be in the hospital for at least a week. She's going to be out at minimum 6 weeks; she's in pain because the morphine just ain't doing it for her this time (immunity buildup?).

EDIT: Just spoke to my mom via the hospital who had better info (and apparently is on better meds). Turns out it wasn't just an abscess, but a fistula, which had been leaking into her body and out the drain. So she's now got 4 separate openings that need to have packing done.

I'm pissed that the CAT Scan didn't show how damn bad this thing was, that the Homecare nurses didn't suspect anything when my mom was complaining of pain, and that they let my mom out so goddamn early in the first place. Two days is NOT enough time.

And even though dad told me not to worry, I really, REALLY wish I wasn't 5 hours away right now.

*goes off to plot for a longer Easter visit*


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