November 16th, 2011

rebecky_mo: First look of Usopp after timeskip (Tracks/Raoul)
Because that'd sure explain why they always want to play at the same time my body wants to sleep. Clearly they need some training to keep up with MY body clock.

Thank God I don't work until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon; this may be a long night.

Icon most definitely related to annoying nocturnal muses. You're very lucky I like you, boys...
rebecky_mo: First look of Usopp after timeskip (Tracks/Raoul)
These will likely all be from the Transformer/Human community [ profile] flesh_and_steel, unless I find another place that gives them out. I'll also put the fic/art entry under the banner to make it easy for me to find them again.

Unless written otherwise, these are all going to have Transformers G1 characters Tracks and Raoul as the main focus, either as friends or as a romantic couple.

Also, some of the fics may have some words in bold text; those challenges also required 5 words from a chosen list to be used in each entry. The bold words are those 5.

since this will likely become image heavy later on... )


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