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Heh, I've laughed hard tonight, and was inspired to make icons from crack.

First, ones I made last month, and totally forgot to post. These are all Yu Yu Hakusho, and all Kuwabara/Yusuke centered (still my Yaoi OTP!). If anyone wants to use them, all I ask is you credit me. <3

These ones came about tonight, after being on [ profile] capslock_op, and seeing this entry. If using these, I ask that you at least credit [ profile] baelheit and [ profile] captaingooey, if not myself.

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I have this weird thing about putting too much of my real life online (it's why I'm on Facebook only sporadically at best), so rather than keep letting this journal rot, I'm going to use it for some stuff relating to my fanworks.

I've joined [ profile] 100crossovers, in order to get my fanfic mojo going for a certain couple I'm totally obsessed over. (see icon)

And last night I had a flash of creativity, and made some Sailor Moon icons. 11 of them have a lyric from Europe's song, "Rainbow Warrior", and one of the Endymion/Serenity ones has a the title lyric from Moulin Rouge's "Come What May". All of the original images came from The Oracle- BSSM Encyclopedia.

All are free for use, so long as I recieve credit. ^^

Sailor Moon Tuxedo Kamen Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars Sailor Jupiter Sailor Venus
Sailor Neptune Sailor Uranus Sailor SaturnSailor Pluto
Endymion/Serenity Come What May Endymion/Serenity


July 21st, 2007 04:49 pm
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9 Icons made, 6 to go.

I definitely need to make one for my love of old-school anime/mangas, and some KuwabaraYusuke love icons made by Kupo (whose icons I lurve). Only one problem; my YYH images file is MUCH sparser than I remember. So I have to get images BEFORE I commision Kupo for icons. Boo....

I'mma make more icons too, for fun. Because it is surprisingly fun. ^^

Digimon Tamers

Kinnikuman Nisei

One Piece



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