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I need to use this thing more often. Or at least ATTEMPT to. xD; Now, what can I put here?

Potato Chip Fast: I broke down this last weekend, and had a big bag of Ketchup chips. *sigh*

My mother didn't help matters; I told her I wanted a SMALL bag of chips, just to break the craving. She wound up buying a big bag of 'em, and NATURALLY, I'm the only one that eats the damn flavor here. >_>; But I'm back on the wagon now, and I'm going to go until the 27th.

Thanksgiving: (in Canada) Went well, always nice to hang with the family. =D Had the usual fixings; ham, turkey, veggies, buns, stuffing, and dessert. Wound up being the Designated Driver for my family; I don't mind, I'm not a drinker anyway. XD

Work: A&P (Grocery store) is doing fine. I'm not getting the hours I want right now, but that's due to stupid cutbacks all over the store. D< Hopefully things will pick up there soon. We have a few new girls in Seafood, hopefully they stay long enough to actually WORK.

Graphic Design...oi. I'm supposed to be working freelance for this company in Hamilton, but they haven't SENT me any work! I've already emailed them saying 'remember me?' lately, but I dunno. I'm not expecting anything. I may have to take drastic measures; if I don't get a job by this spring, I'm gonna move down south. Maybe they'll hire me if I'm already down there, rather than have to wait for me to move... v_v;

Other: Still on a massive art block. Kinda ticking me off. >:

Went shopping last weekend; spent about $500 on some new clothes and a kickass pair of boots. XD; Trying to get a nicer wardrobe, wearing accessories too. I'm over the whole 't-shirts and jeans' look, wanna be more feminine.
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Okay, some people may not know this (especially on the intarwebs), but when it comes to food, I have one great weakness. As Kryptonite is to Superman, Potato Chips are to me. Damn near every flavor, and especially with it's partner in crime, Philly Chip Dip.

But lately, I've been worse than usual with my guilty pleasure. Topped off with a bad week of eating out last week, I'm worried I'll start getting into old bad habits and regaining some of the weight I've lost.

So, I've decided to try something. From yesterday (Monday Sept. 24), until Saturday Oct. 27th (when a friend is having a Halloween party), I'm going to try to go without my favorite salty snacks, as well as less eating out. That's just a little under 5 weeks.

My sister says I'll never make it. Heck, I'M not even sure I'll make it. Especially Tuesday nights, when I go to my bowling league thingy. xD;

But hey, it's worth a shot. And who knows, maybe I'll lose some more weight during all this.


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