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So I caved, and made myself a 'stocking' over at [ profile] fandom_stocking.

My fandoms and pairings are almost always obscure or downright non-existent, but I figured, hey, why not? I might at least get well-wishes (which may have to be all I give there; most of everyone else's fandom/pairings I have no knowledge of. D:)

I'd say 'stuff my stocking!' but that would sound greedy. And perverted.

^link above
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Strong World Fest

So [ profile] salmon_pink hhas started up a group called One Piece Watchalong (see image for link to the group). Basically, once in while we set a date, and together we all rewatch one of the One Piece Movies (and maybe the specials, we'll see) and comment on the journal about our thoughts during it.

Tomorrow at 1pm PST (4pm EST), we're re-watching Movie 10, Strong World.

We have links to download/watch the movie online, and all are welcome to join in! So come over and have some fun tomorrow; you don't even need to be an LJ member, because you can comment anonymously! :heart:
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Tonight, One Piece episode 517 airs.

Tonight is the night the Strawhat crew comes together again on Saobody Archipelago, two years after being split up by Kuma.

Tonight is the true first step to the New World.

I am so freaking excited for this!

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So, I WAS planning to go out clothes shopping, spending my gift certificate while they have their End of Season sale going on.

But it's been snowing off on on all morning, and not just a little bit. Pretty sure we've gotten almost 2 inches in the last couple hours. So trudging out and dragging around shopping bags doesn't sound all that great.

Instead, I've decided to wait until tomorrow for that (weather permitting), and I'm gonna have a home-day, doing some housework, some cosplay stuff, and watching some of my new One Piece DVDs (one being an Xmas gift, the other 2 being gifts to myself. XP)

I now have everything that been released, having Season Three's Third Voyage (up to Episode 182, in Skypiea). Of course, Fourth Voyage is coming out in a few weeks, followed by Fifth Voyage next month.

All at $40+ a pop.

And that's not even halfway through the series. Which hasn't even come CLOSE to ending in Japan.

Oh One Piece, you're so amazing. But my wallet wonders why, oh WHY must you be so LONG? ;_;
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So yesterday was miss [ profile] paperteacup's birthday, and I wanted to make her something for the occasion.

Unfortunately, I didn't take into account the need to work/sleep, and to get used to drawing a whole new character; so it's a smidge late. Hopefully it's goos enough to be worth a belated birthday gift.

For a SUPER birthday... )
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Heh, I've laughed hard tonight, and was inspired to make icons from crack.

First, ones I made last month, and totally forgot to post. These are all Yu Yu Hakusho, and all Kuwabara/Yusuke centered (still my Yaoi OTP!). If anyone wants to use them, all I ask is you credit me. <3

These ones came about tonight, after being on [ profile] capslock_op, and seeing this entry. If using these, I ask that you at least credit [ profile] baelheit and [ profile] captaingooey, if not myself.

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A teeny clip of the new Funimation dub (which premieres Sept. 29th) has been put on Youtube. Freezes after 32 seonds, but you get a good variety of voices in that time frame. See it here.

I am filled with somewhat bittersweet emotion. One Piece is FINALLY getting the dub it deserves, BUT CANADA ISN'T GETTING IT YET. We better get it soon, darnit; and I mean 'a month from now' soon at the latest. D<

So yes, any American Anime fan that has Cartoon Network; WATCH IT PLEASE. Give this new dub a shot, and you might just find you LIKE One Piece. =D

In other news, I'm working hard at...well, work. :XD:; A new girl in Seafood quit before she even got outta training, so we're looking for people again. D= I'm working in both Seafood AND Cut Fruit now, because I wanted more hours.

Thing is, these hours are at 7 in the morning. I forgot there even WAS something before 7am. But it's all good; it means I have my afternoons to do other stuff.

Also, would someone PLEASE get me out of my art funk? This sucks hardcore not being able to draw ANYTHING.


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