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Just noticed recently the stupid headphone port to my Macbook won't work properly (no sound comes out when they're plugged in), SO NOW it's been shipped off for repairs for 1-2 weeks. Does this mean I need to actually go out and DO STUFF on my free time? D8

At least I found out while the 1 year warranty was still in effect; who knows how much it would have cost to get it fixed if I had to PAY for it?
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I told you guys about how I had issues with my computer, and upon rectifying that problem, I found all my files had been erased from my hard drive.

I said I was going to try to get them retrieved at the local Staples.


Okay, so Staples lied to me. Apparantly they couldn't work on my Mac computer, because it was simply a Mac or because my laptop didn't have a certain plug-in. So I'm slightly miffed at the guy I talked to on Sunday for giving me false hope.

I also contacted a guy who works on Macs locally. He said he could probably help me out, but in the same breath told me it would be $500 cost MINIMUM.

Hahahaha NO.

Also looked into programs that might help me out, but when I used the trial formats, it wasn't finding any of my bigger art files, mainly silly things that was more about the computer bits. Plus the fact I'd have to buy the program and an External HardDrive?

I think it's time to let go of what I lost, and move on. Thankfully, I had a good chunk of my art and resume/school work on disk already.

Wish I could have saved my Kilt Comic cover in HQ though. I LOVE that thing....

Ah well. A moment of silence for that which has been lost in the line of duty, if you please.

*bows her head as TAPS plays in the background*
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Yeah, you guys read that right; I had some MAJOR issues with my laptop over the last 5 days. First, I was working on a piece in Photoshop when the program shut down on me. Tried to restart it a few times, and no good.

Well, fine then! I'll just restart my computer, no problem.

Or not.

Once the thing began restarting, it would freeze during the startup of the OS X program (Mac laptop). It could go for HOURS without really starting up. Tried to start it a couple times for a few days, no go.

NOW I'm getting worried.

So I go onto Apple's site, over to Support Discussions for help. I get it (put in the Installation disk and hold 'C' as you startup), but I made a mistake and actually re-install the program, which I wasn't supposed to do. I pick the wrong options and all that too.

But hey, my laptop's turning on! Everythings hunky-dory again.

EXCEPT ALL MY FILES ARE GONE. HO S***!!! Thankfully I kept a good chunk of my art and resumes on a disk, but I lost some of my most recent art (last 7 months or so) and all my images and music. So now I'm wondering if I should be happy or not. I actually begin to accept the fact that it's all gone and try to start over.

But today I called my local Staples to see if they do Data Recovery, and turns out they do. So I may actually get my stuff back (I hope).

So yes, stressful couple of days. If I DO get my files back, I'mma delete all the stuff I wasn't worried about and re-burn my art and such. I was working on some things, as I said, so we'll see how soon those things get done now.

Computers, OI.


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