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Figured it's about time I updated this thing; it's been 4 years, after all. XD;;

SO. Where the hell do I start.

Rebecky_Mo, aka Chibibee. You can find me here, on DevART and on Y!Gal.

Current A/S/L is all above, but I was born in Northern Ontario, Canada. I'm lady that likes to look nice, but also enjoys fishing/catching frogs and playing softball and tomboyish things like that. It's the way I grew up.

I love food. Enjoy cooking it almost as much as eating it; too bad I only have time to do so on the weekends. I'm willing to try just about anything at least once. And by that I mean FOOD, dammit. XD;;

Also? I'm a fangirl. Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Comics, Movies...but not Video Games, never got into them for whatever reason.

I also happen to be a fanartist and sometimes fanfiction writer (I'm a slow writer, and the muses come and go like the tides). My series interests are varied and vast, so it'll take time for me to get them all up here...

Oh yeah, the pairings I'm into/do fanwork for? Not always the popular ones. Sometimes it's the secondary pairing, sometimes it's total crack. Het. Yaoi. Xeno. Sometimes Yuri, but not often.

Favorite Pairings

Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon - Piccolo Daimou/Kino Makoto [Sailor Jupiter], Yamcha/Sailor Venus (Aino Minako)

Dragonball - Goku/Chichi, Vegeta/Bulma, Goten/Trunks
Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle - Terryman/Suguru(/Brocken Jr.), Terry the Kid/Mantaro
One Piece - Zoro/Usopp, Franky/Robin, Nakamashipping (OT11 [adding Vivi]) Calgara/Norland, Coby/Helmeppo
Sailor Moon - Mamoru/Usagi, Haruka/Michiru
Yu Yu Hakusho - Kuwabara/Yusuke

DCAU (Various Series) - Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent (Batman/Superman), Vigilante/Shining Knight
Young Justice - Wally West/Kaldur'Ahm (Kid Flash/Aqualad), Wally West/Dick Grayson (Kids Flash/Robin)
Avatar - Aang/Katara, Zuko/Sokka, Haru/Teo
Transformers (Various Series) - Tracks/Raoul (G1), Prowl/Chip (G1), Prowl/Jazz (G1, TF:A), Dinobot/Rattrap (Beast Wars), Bumblebee/Sam (Bayverse), Bumblebee/Sari (TF:A), Jack/Arcee (Prime), Bulkhead/Arcee (Prime, )Optimus/June Darby/Ratchet (Prime)

Night at the Museum - Octavius/Jedidiah
Toy Story - Sid/Andy, Woody/Buzz
Megamind - Metroman/Megamind
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