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So the Canadian reality game-show 'Instant Cash' was filming at the local mall a month or so back. I saw them doing it, but was kinda terrified at the idea of it, due to embarrassing stunts and pretty varied question themes...

But a new 'Cash Cab'-esque game show on Food Network Canada, where people answer questions about food/cooking at an unassuming ice cream cart to win instant cash?

I NEED TO BE ON THIS SHOW, YOU GUYS. OMG. ToT I'd happily embarrass myself doing some stupid things (if needed), because I think I know enough about food that I'd have a freaking chance!

Video under the cut )

Anyone I know in Ontario, if you see ANYTHING about this show being filmed nearby, let me know? <333

EDIT: Just watched the premiere. HOLY CRAP, this game is easy. Now I REALLY want on it.
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"Neither Mathew Ho nor Asad Muhammad can vote, or buy beer.

They haven’t been accepted to college yet, though that might change after this story.

The 17-year-olds have already sent a (Lego) man into space.

Two weeks ago, Ho and Muhammad launched a homemade balloon carrying a Lego passenger and four cameras. It fell back down to Earth 97 minutes later with astonishing footage from an estimated 24 kilometres above sea level, three times the typical cruising altitude of a commercial aircraft. Their jerry-rigged contraption recorded the Lego man’s journey from a soccer pitch in Newmarket to the stratosphere — high enough to see their two-inch astronaut floating above curvature of our planet, clutching a Canadian flag with the blackness of space behind him.

The project cost $400 and took four months of free Saturdays. It wasn’t a school assignment. They just thought it would be cool.

...“It shows a tremendous degree of resourcefulness,” says Dr. Michael Reid, a University of Toronto astrophysics professor. Noting that similar projects had been undertaken by PhD students, he said, “For two 17-year-olds to accomplish this on their own is pretty impressive.” "

Now this? This is cool. Check out the pictures linked to the story!

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From the makers of Coraline, comes Paranorman. It hits theaters in August in the USA, and September in the UK (stupid early trailers, why must you tease me so?!). There's the US trailer under the cut, and an international trailer which shows several character's voices and a bit more about Norman.

You don't become a hero by being normal... )

...Damn it, I'll probably wind up slashing Norman and Mitch (the blonde jock), because they kind of remind me of another weird dark-haired kid who dealt with ghosts and stuff, and another blonde jock...

No! Bad brain, BAD! D8
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A teeny clip of the new Funimation dub (which premieres Sept. 29th) has been put on Youtube. Freezes after 32 seonds, but you get a good variety of voices in that time frame. See it here.

I am filled with somewhat bittersweet emotion. One Piece is FINALLY getting the dub it deserves, BUT CANADA ISN'T GETTING IT YET. We better get it soon, darnit; and I mean 'a month from now' soon at the latest. D<

So yes, any American Anime fan that has Cartoon Network; WATCH IT PLEASE. Give this new dub a shot, and you might just find you LIKE One Piece. =D

In other news, I'm working hard at...well, work. :XD:; A new girl in Seafood quit before she even got outta training, so we're looking for people again. D= I'm working in both Seafood AND Cut Fruit now, because I wanted more hours.

Thing is, these hours are at 7 in the morning. I forgot there even WAS something before 7am. But it's all good; it means I have my afternoons to do other stuff.

Also, would someone PLEASE get me out of my art funk? This sucks hardcore not being able to draw ANYTHING.


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