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First off, thanks to the anon(s) who sent me a belated valentine/LJ Gift last night. It wasn't what I was going for with my post last night, but I appreciate it. <333

My work schedule is really throwing me off lately. I typically work Monday through Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm, with my weekends off. It's not my preferred time, since it means I don't get home and start dinner until 6:30 each night, but it's something I'm used to.

But over the last few weeks I took over for my vacationing boss, putting me in at 8am - 8:30am for about 1.5 weeks (which I actually really enjoyed, since I got out early enough to do running around or cook a real meal for dinner). Then I had last Thursday off and worked the Saturday.

This week, I had a normal shift Monday, worked 1:30pm-9:30pm Tuesday, had today off, have regular shifts Thursday/Friday and 1-9pm on Saturday. It also sounds like I may be working Sunday, since three of my co-workers (who usually work weekends) all booked the day off. So much for my 3-day weekend to really get stuff done; I won't even be able to get running around done on Family Day (Canadian holiday on Monday), since everything is closed. But this is all boring real life whining.

I haven't been able to write anything lately, but I am working on a new Tracks/Raoul art piece. It's kinda kicking my ass since it involves both human anatomy AND car anatomy (the one thing I've drawn even less of than boy-parts, LOL), but I'm liking it thus far.

If my writer's block sticks around much longer, I may put a call out to get prompts for mini-fills from my F-list to get me going again. We'll see...


February 14th, 2012 10:53 pm
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Well, I didn't get any love from [ profile] tf_valentine. I guess I'm not surprised, I've only been in the fandom 6 months. But I'm glad the people I sent love to in it enjoyed their comments.

And I was stuck working tonight, since everyone else in the dept booked it off/had other things to do. I did get a bouquet of flowers from my boss though, even if it was only so the store wouldn't get stuck with them dying after V-Day.

But hey, free roses are free roses.
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Just venting over work. Pay no attention unless you want to know why I want to make my boss bend over, just so I can shove my boxcutter up his ass sideways.

Venting in 3...2...1... )

Boss, I know you don't even want to go on this fully paid, company-wide vacation to Cuba you're going on next week (WHAT.), but I'll take a pay cut if you agree to just...just STAY down there. We can manage just freaking fine without you and your fiancee around every day; I do it everyday, and I know the more sane Managers of the other departments can too.

*goes off to draw to feel better*
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First off, an update on my mother/grandmother.

Mom's doing well, and finally went back to work last month. She's on a new medication treatment for her Crohn's , that's supposedly meant to be a miracle drug. Hm. Her incisions are all finally healed too, though she's still having some trouble with one area. But life is almost normal again for her. <3

Grandma's back home as of a month ago too; I still worry about her. She's incredibly weak, and living all alone in a decrepit house where she can't even go upstairs least Red Cross is coming in to see her twice a day to help her bathe/dress/cook meals for her. But last week she fell (again), and had her MedAlert button stuck inside her shirt, so it took her an hour to even press the button for help; no broken bones, but she's black and blue.

She may be finally coming around the idea she can't live alone anymore, and is considering an elderly living arrangement. Of course, she should've started that a year ago when my folks suggested it. At this rate, it'll take another major hospital stay to get her in anywhere soon. *sigh*

Meanwhile at work, I got a surprise.

Since I started working here, an elderly couple (I call them Mr and Mrs Grey) would come in and do their groceries together; super-friendly and sweet, always talking to me and asking how I am. But since last winter, the wife was suddenly coming in on her own. I kinda put it off the first few times; but then months go by, and no sign of Mr. Grey...I wanted to ask, but my co-workers have had their regulars cry after being asked how they were/where their partner was, and well...they weren't with us anymore.

But Friday morning, suddenly I see 'Mrs. Grey'...and Mr. Grey pushing the cart! Turns out he'd had a stroke, and has been recovering all this time. He looks a little older, a little weaker, and needs a cane now...but he's still as sweet as ever, asking me how I've been and all that.

I actually got a little teary-eyed seeing him again; it's funny how attached you can get to your regulars, even if you don't really know them...
rebecky_mo: First look of Usopp after timeskip (Big Cheese: RAAAAGE) much younger most of the guys at my job are than me. Of course, that doesn't always excuse immaturity, and boy, can they be immature asses at times.

Explanation time.

I was working Wednesday night, and one of my co-workers has a habit of asking questions that I call 'brain breakers'. It's normally impolite and/or meant to instigate ("ie: Do you think X is fat?"), as no matter what you answer, it's twisted into making you feel like you're being rude/wrong. Y'know, kinda in that Hannibal Lector way, minus the cannibalism and slurping. Normally I answer, but walk away when he's gets into obviously word twisting. Normally it makes me a little uncomfortable, but nothing that makes me want to react.

The question of the night on Wednesday?

"Do you think (enter co-worker's name here) is gay?"

From what I gleaned of the conversation before he asked me, he (or someone else) may or may not have asked this co-worker that to his face earlier. In the middle of his shift, when he can't just leave.

WHUT. Really?

It's been a long time since I wanted to punch a co-worker. And since I consider myself a pacifist, that takes a lot to make me want to hit someone.

Instead, all I said was "I think that it doesn't matter, and is none of our business."

Afterwards, what I realized what I SHOULD have said was "I think the question 'do you think X is gay?' has messed with more lives than anyone will ever know, and that you need to pick another topic for your jollies." I tend to think of this stuff after the fact, not during the moment.

While not a member of the LGBT community, this really offended me as a human being; I have both longtime friends and family who are LGBT, and I've heard stories about how trapped that very damn question had made them feel at more than one time in their lives.

Hell, even my straight friends have had problems after someone asking this question to/about them. If they're asked and they say no the 'wrong way', they're lying. If they say yes...

Rumors are so damn easy to start, even after high school.

UGH. Just...UGH.
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Once a week! xP

Fell on the ground like a shmuck yesterday, in front of the mall. *facepalm* Stupid klutzy streak kicks in at the WORST times. I'm all sore today from it, my arm is killing me whenever I lift something. Want to draw, but hands hurt too. D:


Things I've learned at work this week, thanks to customers?

1) Last week, a cashier called me up, saying a customer at the cash was looking for Turkey lunch meat. No specific brand, just Turkey lunch meat. The cashier double-checked this with the customer, and I was promptly entertained by hearing the customer reply "Yes, Turkey! Goes bok, bok, bok!" The first thing I say is "Turkey's don't go Bok Bok, they Gobble!"

2) A lady asked me today if we sold "Mr. Fish" products. Naturally, I'm thinking "WTF?", but she then mentions the fish products has a man on the box. Therefore, the fisherman on the High Liner products will now be known as "Mr. Fish". And in case anyone's curious, we sell Blue Water Products, not High Liner. XD


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XD; Wow, 2 months since I updated, how sad. But what a time it's been! So much to catch you guys up on. Let's start with:

New Job
Yes, I've gotten a new job. Moved to a new city, even! It all happened the VERY last week of November, in which I drove 5 hours for a job interview in Hamilton, ON. 5 days later, I was offered the job, and accepted the job.

The next 10 days were spent in INSANITY. We drove down to Hamilton that very weekend, looked for apartments, found one we liked (but weren't accepted til 2 days before I moved. YEEP.) I gave my notice to my old job, and between working my last shifts there starting packing, buying stuff for the new apartment, getting things settled, ordered cheques (for my rent payments), and half a zillion other things.

I've been here a month now, and it's been going good. (see below in "Living in Hamilton")

Christmas/New Years
Ah, the holidays; I may have just moved a week or so before, but no chance in hell was I missing it with my family. I wound up leaving for home immediately after work Friday the 22nd.

Like, literally. I'd brought my packed stuff with me to work, was done at 4:30, was on a GO Bus to Toronto by 5, and was heading to North Bay by 7:30. It all went rather smooth, actually.

...Until the buses transmisson blew at about 9:30pm. Took over an hour for another bus to get to us so we could continue on. Fun. XP;

ANYWAYS. For the next 9 days I helped my mom make scrumptious Cabbage Rolls (which I better get some of next time they come visit me. D< ), got to see the family I didn't get to say bye to before I moved, had yummy Xmas dinners, updated my former co-workers on how Hamilton was (tell ya, I don't miss working Xmas/New Years Eve there!), and hung out with my family.

Presents? I got a lot of stuff before I moved, so gifts were understandably few. I did get a pair of PJ's, some cookbooks, and some DVDs (Hairspray, Justice League, Old School TMNT).

I was back in my apartment by New Years Eve, and just really spent the night/day chilling out. I was wiped after the week before. It was actually really nice. xD; Went back to work for the 2nd, and that's about it.

Living in Hamilton
So far, so good. Starting to get settled in at the new job, and I'll be going from 9:30-4 soon, giving me a 1/2 hour to learn on my own afterwards. By February, I'll be putting in my full 40+ hours/week.

Which means money. Money is goooood. >_>;;

And I'm finally having a bit of time to explore the area for more than groceries. There's this comic shop a little ways up from my work, and it's actually pretty nice; not only can I get my Sonic comic there, but they sell manga too! ^^ Don't have to go to Toronto every time I need to get the new volumes, or pre-order them (well, except Eroica)!

Also looked at a few Fabric shops in the area for cosplay resources. And lo and behold, one has Black/White CHECKERED fabric! The exact thing I need for my Checkmate cosplay. I'm THRILLED. :D I'mma figure out how much I need and get it ASAP (I will NOT see that stuff sold before I get it).

....I admit, I'm being lazy. ^^; I have to work on a few Xmas Secret Santa pics before month's end (one WILL be done tonight, dammit). Only then will I get to some of my ideas I wanna draw.


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