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So it's been an INSANE month, what with my mom being sick, helping a friend move, and a bunch of other, smaller things that have taken my attention.

It's now 7 weeks away from Anime North, and with losing the next few weekends to work and Easter travel, it's officially crunch time for working on my cosplay. I'm nowhere near ready, with only the one shoulder piece 100% completed.

By tomorrow night, I'm hoping to have my helmet, gauntlets, and other shoulder piece completed. That will only leave the crown and belt to make in regards to accessories.

If I'm lucky, I'll also be able to get to the fabric shop, and get everything to begin sewing on Tuesday (my last day off before Easter vacation). Not expecting it though, that shoulder piece is going to take some time...but at least the bus ride is short, so I can do it first thing Tuesday.

Busy busy busy...

Ah well, at least I can enjoy some anime while I work. *pops in Avatar: The Last Airbender*


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