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So I caved, and made myself a 'stocking' over at [ profile] fandom_stocking.

My fandoms and pairings are almost always obscure or downright non-existent, but I figured, hey, why not? I might at least get well-wishes (which may have to be all I give there; most of everyone else's fandom/pairings I have no knowledge of. D:)

I'd say 'stuff my stocking!' but that would sound greedy. And perverted.

^link above
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So for Anime North 2011 (Late May), I'm cosplaying as Checkmate from obscure (to North America) fandom Kinnikuman Nisei, aka Ultimate Muscle.

Photos are under the cut )

I'm hoping to have all three of these pieces done by the end of February (I have a few three-day weekends coming up, so that should help). Next will come the gauntlets, crown, and belt.
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New Icon is kinda fitting. XD;;

Well, I didn't get all of my fandom stuff done as I wanted. Saturday got eaten up by housework, getting my hair cut, and doing a little cooking/baking, since I hadn't made a GOOD meal for myself in God know how long (meatloaf and apple crisp, MMMMM.)

Also, I finally got off my ass and got all of my artwork (that I could find) and video files onto an external hard drive last night. Saves some space on my laptop drive (I didn't like how little I had before then, made me nervous).

But today I managed to finish off the shaping and sanding of Checkmate's 'rook' chess piece (didn't paint, realizing I didn't have the right color. XP), and started on the shaping of the 'knight' chess piece (carving a horses head from foam = NOT EASY). Also had my first exacto-knife accident of the outfit today (I'm okay!)

The helmet wasn't touched, due to the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STYROFOAM flying around. Not something I wanted in the wet bondo I plan to use on the helmet. Hoping to get the proper paints, and things shaped/smoothed by end of next weekend. Also hoping to get pics up here tomorrow night, as it's almost 11 and I have work tomorrow. XP

AND I ACTUALLY DREW TODAY. And it's not awful! 8DD Got my new Kilt character design sheet inked for that contest I mentioned; getting her scanned/colored/entered in the contest is my goal for my evenings this week. Even broke in a new sketchpad for it. That's right, no more lined paper for me, baby; I'm totally BLANK from now on! XD;;

Made an "Art To Do" list too. 80% of it is DBZ/Sailor Moon crossover stuff (Oi...). But there's some YYH/KuwaYusu on there too! As well as a One Piece pic, and maybe some Young Justice art too (oh DC, you make such FABULOUS cartoons. <33)

But time for bed. Night, Internet!
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So what's a girl to do when she has little/no money to spend, no shopping to do, and a full 48 hours to herself?

LOTS! And it all has to do with my fandoms!

First on the block, COSPLAY! I've finally buckled down on my costume of Checkmate from Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle.

~ Helmet is shaped, needs smoothing and paint/shine coat.
~ First shoulder piece 'rook' is being shaped from polystyrene. Shaping is 85% done, needs smoothing and painting.
I'm hoping to get these finished.

If I get these two things done, I'd like to get some drawing done as well; I found out about this contest, and I want to enter my heroine Kilt. But I want to make a more updated character design sheet for her (that ISN'T based on Justice League proportions).

Plus I have an idea for a Kuwabara/Yuusuke picture. And a PIccolo/Makoto one. And other DBZ/Sailor Moon pics.


...I think I need a week's vacation to get all the fangirling I want done. Sigh.
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Tried writing out the history of one of my Ultimate Muscle characters awhile ago, and it warped into something resembling a fanfic prologue. How the hell did that happen? xD;

Figured I'd post it here, so it doesn't just disappear into my mass of computer files. Rough and unbeta-ed, but enjoy the the beginning of the life of Madame Rhea. (I'm hoping it doesn't reek of Mary-sueness, though a few parts made me worry a bit....)

Paths to Follow ) Pic of Madame Rhea and Divalution


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