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Series: Young Justice
Pairing: Kaldur'Ahm/Wally (Aqualad/Kid Flash)
Rating: PG

I have never done anything to do with the DC cartoon Young Justice before now. This pic has taken my YJ-ginity. XD;

As always, I choose the rare-pairing, and have fallen for Kaldur'Ahm/Wally (Aqualad/Kid Flash). I have a thing for 'opposites attract; Wally is loud, outgoing, and slightly clutzy, while Kaldur is quiet, more withdrawn, and is graceful/steady. One is land, the other water. Dark and light, blonde and redhead.

Over on [ profile] yj_anon_meme, there was a prompt for an AUverse ala Disney's Pocahontas, with Top!Pocahontas!Kaldur and JohnSmith!Wally. Don't ask me why the bunny bit so hard with THIS prompt compared to other Kaldur/Wally ones; maybe it was easier to convert to an art-fill? But I drew it, with a few minor script changes (Kaldur would probably be more forceful than just throwing himself over Wally to protect him). Hopefully this convinces someone to write it. <3

After finishing this a week after starting it, I feel a little better about today. At least I did something good today.
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