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Two weeks ago today, I was frantically trying to complete my costume for Anime North, which was occurring the next weekend. I spend two full days (aka 12 hours a day or more) sitting at my dining room table getting the thing done.

BUT, I got it done. I was happy with it, and all geared up for that Thursday, when I was planning to leave. After two years, I was going back to Anime North!

...Wednesday afternoon at work, I get a phone call.

Up north, my grandmother's gone into the hospital. It's really not looking good for her; people are coming in from all over the country.

After A LOT of talking (and some arguing) on the phone, my father finally convinces my sister and I to go ahead with our plans for the weekend, and I would drive up with my sister to be home in case the worst happens. We do so, and I did enjoy the convention. But the situation back home never leaves my mind.

It only gets worse when we hear from our dad late Saturday that our mother is back in the hospital for the 5th time this year, as yet another complication from her surgery has come up. This time it's a pulmonary embolism (aka blood clot in the lungs). My sister can't drive in the dark, so we decide to leave for home early on Sunday.

My father neglects to mention our mother was taken to the hospital via ambulance (my dad had been at the hospital already with our grandma) and put into the ICU. Didn't want us worrying. Right.

So after a long weekend, we pull into the driveway, and within 15 minutes we're going to the hospital to see our mom and grandma. Mom is weak, pale, and being loaded with blood thinners, but she's good. She came home on Friday afternoon, hopefully for good this time.

And absolutely stunning her doctors. Her kidney function is up from 10% to 40%; she's awake, and speaking a little bit despite the drugs she's on. 11 days after being admitted, she's fully conscious, and while weak and unable to feed herself, is eating a small liquid diet. She's nowhere near out of the woods, but there's actual hope.

For the last week, I was running back and forth to the hospital, doing errands for my family, and visiting friends and more family. I was expecting to go to a funeral.

For all the changes in plans the last week, I'll gladly take that result .

*goes to flop onto couch*
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So it's been an INSANE month, what with my mom being sick, helping a friend move, and a bunch of other, smaller things that have taken my attention.

It's now 7 weeks away from Anime North, and with losing the next few weekends to work and Easter travel, it's officially crunch time for working on my cosplay. I'm nowhere near ready, with only the one shoulder piece 100% completed.

By tomorrow night, I'm hoping to have my helmet, gauntlets, and other shoulder piece completed. That will only leave the crown and belt to make in regards to accessories.

If I'm lucky, I'll also be able to get to the fabric shop, and get everything to begin sewing on Tuesday (my last day off before Easter vacation). Not expecting it though, that shoulder piece is going to take some time...but at least the bus ride is short, so I can do it first thing Tuesday.

Busy busy busy...

Ah well, at least I can enjoy some anime while I work. *pops in Avatar: The Last Airbender*
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So for Anime North 2011 (Late May), I'm cosplaying as Checkmate from obscure (to North America) fandom Kinnikuman Nisei, aka Ultimate Muscle.

Photos are under the cut )

I'm hoping to have all three of these pieces done by the end of February (I have a few three-day weekends coming up, so that should help). Next will come the gauntlets, crown, and belt.
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So what's a girl to do when she has little/no money to spend, no shopping to do, and a full 48 hours to herself?

LOTS! And it all has to do with my fandoms!

First on the block, COSPLAY! I've finally buckled down on my costume of Checkmate from Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle.

~ Helmet is shaped, needs smoothing and paint/shine coat.
~ First shoulder piece 'rook' is being shaped from polystyrene. Shaping is 85% done, needs smoothing and painting.
I'm hoping to get these finished.

If I get these two things done, I'd like to get some drawing done as well; I found out about this contest, and I want to enter my heroine Kilt. But I want to make a more updated character design sheet for her (that ISN'T based on Justice League proportions).

Plus I have an idea for a Kuwabara/Yuusuke picture. And a PIccolo/Makoto one. And other DBZ/Sailor Moon pics.


...I think I need a week's vacation to get all the fangirling I want done. Sigh.
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I can't believe I just made a hotel reservation for NEXT MAY, but I'm terrified I'll wind up not getting a room for next year.

This year, AN had 18,500 people; a jump of 4,000 people from 2009. I think it might've finally cracked the Top 5 Anime conventions in North America.

Shit's getting HUGE, man.

If this keeps up, we'll be needing to move the con. Wonder if the Air Canada Center is available in May? Lord knows the Maple Leafs/Raptors never use it, that's well into the playoffs.


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