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So the Canadian reality game-show 'Instant Cash' was filming at the local mall a month or so back. I saw them doing it, but was kinda terrified at the idea of it, due to embarrassing stunts and pretty varied question themes...

But a new 'Cash Cab'-esque game show on Food Network Canada, where people answer questions about food/cooking at an unassuming ice cream cart to win instant cash?

I NEED TO BE ON THIS SHOW, YOU GUYS. OMG. ToT I'd happily embarrass myself doing some stupid things (if needed), because I think I know enough about food that I'd have a freaking chance!

Video under the cut )

Anyone I know in Ontario, if you see ANYTHING about this show being filmed nearby, let me know? <333

EDIT: Just watched the premiere. HOLY CRAP, this game is easy. Now I REALLY want on it.
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So today was one hell of a shitty day right from the start.

1) Livejournal didn't work for me this morning.
2) a guy phoned in sick to work as I was LITERALLY walking in the door.
3) I nearly caused an electrical fire. =_=;
4) I ordered a HUGE amount of stuff today, figuring I'd have a GOOD co-worker in with me today instead of Mr. Slow McNewKid. Bite me in the ass much life?
5) Lots of stupid people asking lots of stupid questions.
6) As I was LITERALLY a minute from being done, a lady comes up to me and says her daughter broke a jar of pickles in aisle 1. Naturally, I stayed 10 minutes late picking it up.

I decided I needed to spoil myself with fandom, and spent $100 at my Local Comic Shop (stupid Ninja Turtle Ultimate Collection, why so pretty? TvT) and got Lady and the Tramp on DVD/BluRay. It's not my favorite Disney movie, but I'm determined to get them all now.

And of course they had their usual promotional pamphlets inside. Stuff for a new Tinkerbell movie (Secret of the Wings), Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 (Ay Dios.), a reminder for The Muppets and to get Beauty and the Beast/Bambi before April 30th (naturally!)...They also had news about upcoming Combo Pack releases, including:

Lion King 1 1/2 and Lion King 2 (sometime in 2012)
The Aristocats (August 7th)
The Rescuers 2 Movie Collection, with both The Rescuers AND The Rescuers Down Under (Summer 2012)
Pocahontas 2 Movie Collection, with Pocahontas AND Pocahontas 2 (Summer 2012)
Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure (Summer 2012)

And the biggest news....?
Cinderella (Fall 2012)
Aladdin (Spring 2013)

I got the Aladdin Special Edition way back and the two Rescuers on DVD already (no WONDER they were in the $10 bin), but still! EXCITEMENT~! I actually hope they do a 3D theater event for it, because THAT movie would be boss using it.

The power this company has to make 12 hours of bullshit just melt away. Take my money Disney; take it allllllllll... <3

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For the DCAU universe, minus Young Justice (since it already has a meme of it's own):

[ profile] dcanimated

Doesn't even need a kink, can be Gen, Fluff, Porn, or anything in between.
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And here we are again, the end of another year; 3 hours to go here. At times 2011 seemed to fly by, and then other times it seemed like days were dragging on. The world's changed alot this year; countries rose up, dictators fell, and it's still going on into 2012.

My life in 2011 wasn't nearly as exciting as that, but stuff did happen.

The highs and lows )

...I completed 14 pieces of fanwork this year. Fourteen.

That's more than I did in 2009/2010 combined. I think it's the most I've done in a year since I started working full-time and living alone. I was afraid I was losing my love of art for awhile, afraid I was going to lose one of the only real hobbies I had. Instead, I found new muses in Raoul and Tracks, Piccolo and Sailor Jupiter, and drew. I even started writing real stories again, which I hadn't really done since my Sonic the Hedgehog fandom days, almost a decade ago (if you want a laugh, they're on my account).

I'm not going to pretend I'll ever have the same amount of fanwork as I did working part-time and having my meals/laundry/shopping done for me (that was living, I tell ya!), but one or two pieces a month? I'd be happy with that.

So. *raises a glass of Coke* Adios, 2011; may 2012 bring as many (preferably good) surprises as you did in the last 365 days.

...But not the apocalypse. I think we can all live without that little surprise. XD;;;
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It's a quiet, cold night, and I'm here overdosing on honey-lemon tea after a very boring day at work. A perfect time to make you all totally jealous show off a few pieces I had commissioned from a friend.

I've known [ profile] anisodus for several years now, our mutual love of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho (and the pairing Kuwabara/Yusuke), and sharing the same first name bringing us together. My personal KuYu art well ran dry a few years back (I still mourn that fact), but I still ogle her wonderful Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, and original artwork all the time on dA. She does fanart, but her style is all her own, and she always makes it work; don't ask me how, I'm still figuring how to do it myself. XD;

In November, she took commissions, and I ordered a couple fanart pieces; one series she's done before, and one she hasn't even CONSIDERED before...

4 images under here! )

Also I'm thinking of uploading all my other recent fic here to LJ; it's all DBZ/Sailor Moon crossover fic, featuring Piccolo/Makoto (Sailor Jupiter). I doubt there's many places for crossover fic here on LJ (or many interested), but I might as well have it all in one spot besides
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From the makers of Coraline, comes Paranorman. It hits theaters in August in the USA, and September in the UK (stupid early trailers, why must you tease me so?!). There's the US trailer under the cut, and an international trailer which shows several character's voices and a bit more about Norman.

You don't become a hero by being normal... )

...Damn it, I'll probably wind up slashing Norman and Mitch (the blonde jock), because they kind of remind me of another weird dark-haired kid who dealt with ghosts and stuff, and another blonde jock...

No! Bad brain, BAD! D8
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So Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish was on earlier this morning, and since I'll be missing "Mickey's Christmas Carol" on TV tomorrow night (working), I decided to hit Youtube to rewatch it.

And since I was in the mood, I then immediately went off and watched "A Muppet Christmas Carol". Oh Rizzo, how I adore you.<3

"Light the lamp, not the rat, LIGHT THE LAMP, NOT THE RAT!" D8

And since the only special on TV is tonight is "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", I think I'm going to continue onwards after it's done; time to find the Garfield Christmas special on Youtube, and then I'll finish up with my favorite, "A Muppet Family Christmas".

I leave for Xmas holidays on Wednesday morning, and snow or no snow, I'm excited.
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So I caved, and made myself a 'stocking' over at [ profile] fandom_stocking.

My fandoms and pairings are almost always obscure or downright non-existent, but I figured, hey, why not? I might at least get well-wishes (which may have to be all I give there; most of everyone else's fandom/pairings I have no knowledge of. D:)

I'd say 'stuff my stocking!' but that would sound greedy. And perverted.

^link above
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I still have 3.25 hours before it's December here! Still counts!

Title: Danger, Sudden Swerve
Fandom/Pairing: Transformers G1, Tracks/Raoul
Words: 4500 (no wonder this took so long. DX)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slight swearing, human/mech relationship, mentions of injuries/violence
Summary: For the "Five Firsts" challenge over at [ profile] tf_rare_pairing. It'll be posted there and possibly at [ profile] flesh_and_steel

All it takes is one wrong turn to find yourself somewhere new and amazing. )
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Golden Seal OVA. Eizou Hakusho. Mu Mu Hakusho.

But no bonus post-series clips? Boooo.

Still, I know what I'm getting for myself after Christmas~
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Just watched my co-worker, Jason Medeiros and the McMaster Marauders win the Vanier Cup (for Canadian Interuniversity football) 41-38 in double overtime against Laval's Rouge et Or.

Laval's 6-0 at the Cup, and McMaster's never won it. Until tonight.

And now it's 2am, and I am WIDE AWAKE because HOLY SHIT CRAZIEST GAME EVERRRRRRRRR. And I don't even LIKE football. LOL.

*bounces off the walls some more*
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The Muppets.

51 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

100% Fresh rating.

T_T <3333

It's taking all of my willpower to not buy/download the soundtrack until AFTER I see the movie. I wouldn't be able to resist playing it and spoiling myself.
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Not only do we get to see the Muppets back in action.

Not only do we get to see a brand spanking new Toy Story short from Pixar, called "Small Fry" (which looks awesome, but who's surprised by that?).

But now.

NOW, there's people saying that also attached to The Muppets will be the trailer for Pixar's next animated blockbuster, Brave.

...It's official, Disney's trying to kill us with awesome. Entire theaters full of people are going to drop from the sheer overdose of win.
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Strong World Fest

So [ profile] salmon_pink hhas started up a group called One Piece Watchalong (see image for link to the group). Basically, once in while we set a date, and together we all rewatch one of the One Piece Movies (and maybe the specials, we'll see) and comment on the journal about our thoughts during it.

Tomorrow at 1pm PST (4pm EST), we're re-watching Movie 10, Strong World.

We have links to download/watch the movie online, and all are welcome to join in! So come over and have some fun tomorrow; you don't even need to be an LJ member, because you can comment anonymously! :heart:
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The only thing better than getting a new Muppets movie in a few weeks?

Getting a new Muppets movie, and tons of TV Channels showing the older Muppet movies to celebrate it.

*settles in to watch The Muppets Take Manhatten*
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The time when fanfic writers around the world are gearing up for NaNoWriMo starting November 1st, hoping that they night get their 50,000 words done in 30 days.

No chance in heck am I ready for that. I only started writing again this summer. XD;;;

If I'm still writing fic this time next year, I'll consider it. I have ideas, but I want a decent plot/story plan to tackle the beast of November.

But it turns out [ profile] tf_rare_pairing is doing a little side-thing for those interested. Claim a rare Transformer pairing, and write five fics between Nov 1st and 30th having to do with 'firsts', or "five firsts and one last" (500 words minimum).

Now this, I think I can do.

Do I really have to say which pairing I picked? *g*
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For the "Phobias" Challenge at [ profile] flesh_and_steel. Crossposted to [ profile] transficsation.

Title: Fear Squared
Author: Rebecky_mo
Fandom: Transformers G1
Characters/Pairing: Oh look, Raoul and Tracks (But not together). Quel suprise.
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Language, mentions of mechanical torture and death, trauma
Words: About 2700
Summary: It may be a B movie, but it's A-plus nightmare fuel.
Notes: For anyone wondering about the bold text, the challenge required 5 words from a list to be in each entry. The bold ones are the 5 words I used. Unbeta'd, so kindly inform me of any errors. ^^

So, remind me again why we're doing this? )
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Tonight, One Piece episode 517 airs.

Tonight is the night the Strawhat crew comes together again on Saobody Archipelago, two years after being split up by Kuma.

Tonight is the true first step to the New World.

I am so freaking excited for this!

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If we're going for stuff still on TV, putting out new episodes, I'll go for Transformers Prime in animated TV, and Criminal Minds for 'grownup' TV. Young Justice might have taken the animated title, but being so wishywashy with the new episodes has ticked me off.

But if we're talking all-time, top-of-the-mountain favorite show ever? Gargoyles. Those two seasons were FLAWLESS BRILLIANCE.

What third season lalala can't hear you!
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Queen songs are like potato chips, you can't just have one.

"The Show Must Go On" is probably my favorite of their mainstream hits. The opening, Freddie's determination in every lyric, the message to keep going forward, no matter what's coming up in the next act of your life...Looking back at some of the hits Queen's had, did no one REALLY see there might be something going on with Freddie? I mean, wow.

But I have to admit, I love the Brian Mays' song "I'm In Love With My Car" too. That's for purely fangirly reasons though, so yeah. *teeheehee*


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