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Nowhere I really need to go badly enough to deal with Sunday buses, and nothing on TV all night.

So. Today has been a cleaning day, as we have yearly apartment inspections coming up soon. I'm not a messy person by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I overcrowd my apartment with room-mates (or use it as a grow-op/meth lab, LOL). But I don't do basic cleaning as much as I should, and I haven't cleaned my fridge/oven out in ages. Frost-burnt meat and expired conidments... yummy. Bathroom will be cleaned closer to the inspection date, as the darn thing never stays clean for long. >_>

I want to photograph a few thing to put up on Kijiji too; they've been sitting in a corner of my living room for about a year now, so I'm due to actually do something about them...

I'm also going to scan some pages from IDW's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series for Scans_Daily over on DreamWidth. I started with #1 in September...and promptly forgot to continue. Plus finish up/scan some sketches from "Sudden Swerve".

Why no, I don't procrasinate at all. *whistles innocently*

EDIT: I swear, if I get attacked by winter static one more frigging time today...! *rages*
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I've been having pain in my right foot since October, and was recently diagnosed with having plantar fasciitis. Basically, a band of tissue in my foot connects from my heel to my toes, and walking/standing all day causes it to stretch and have micro-tears, causing pain especially after relaxing for a bit, then trying to walk again.

And I learned that the way I walk is probably why my knees are so bad; my steps angle in a little more than the normal person, putting more strain on them. Best free assessment ever!

Good news is, it might be helped with stretches and orthotics (which my health insurance mostly covers, thankfully). And if it gets bad, there's anti-inflammatories to help reduce the swelling. Some people say they don't work, but I'm hoping I'm one of the ones it does work for...

On a more amusing note, the pamphlet I got re: plantar faciitis described the soreness from the heel as 'exquisite pain'. I don't think I've ever heard this phrase used outside of porny fanfics, so for it to be used in a medical term was a little weird. XD
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I'm going to miss watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". I really am...
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So weird having days off during the week, especially after working only one day; I normally work Monday to Friday, but the holidays always throw that off. Plus a weekend guy broke his leg, so I have Friday off, work Saturday, then have Sunday off. Yeah. Weird.

Since I did nothing on New Years and I'm 90% over my cold (broke New Year's Eve night. Figures.), I decided to go out and spend some money at the mall. Bought "The Great Muppet Caper", "The Muppet Movie", "The Iron Giant", "and Julie and Julia" for $10 each at HMV, and spent $20 on new shirts at Reitman's since my old ones are woefully small; it was kinda picked over though, I'll have to go back after the Boxing Day sales. I almost bought Greatest Hits CD's of Journey and Lonestar too, but remembered I can get them cheaper on iTunes (Current mainstream music? What's that? LOL).

Currently doing some sketches based on my Tracks/Raoul fic 'Danger: Sudden Swerve', and I'm taking on the January challenge at [ profile] tf_rare_pairing, which is the pairing of your choice from a third-person POV. This is the perfect opportunity to continue 'Close Encounters' with a certain red boombox... ;D
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And here we are again, the end of another year; 3 hours to go here. At times 2011 seemed to fly by, and then other times it seemed like days were dragging on. The world's changed alot this year; countries rose up, dictators fell, and it's still going on into 2012.

My life in 2011 wasn't nearly as exciting as that, but stuff did happen.

The highs and lows )

...I completed 14 pieces of fanwork this year. Fourteen.

That's more than I did in 2009/2010 combined. I think it's the most I've done in a year since I started working full-time and living alone. I was afraid I was losing my love of art for awhile, afraid I was going to lose one of the only real hobbies I had. Instead, I found new muses in Raoul and Tracks, Piccolo and Sailor Jupiter, and drew. I even started writing real stories again, which I hadn't really done since my Sonic the Hedgehog fandom days, almost a decade ago (if you want a laugh, they're on my account).

I'm not going to pretend I'll ever have the same amount of fanwork as I did working part-time and having my meals/laundry/shopping done for me (that was living, I tell ya!), but one or two pieces a month? I'd be happy with that.

So. *raises a glass of Coke* Adios, 2011; may 2012 bring as many (preferably good) surprises as you did in the last 365 days.

...But not the apocalypse. I think we can all live without that little surprise. XD;;;
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Title: 50 Snippets: One Step At A Time (April 2009)
Crossover: Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon
Pairing: Piccolo/Kino Makoto aka Sailor Jupiter (Crystal Tokyo)
Rating: PG
Summary: A random short story, continuing from Snippet #29 of the "50 Snippets" fic, 'Melody', and inspired by the prompt "Waltz".
Disclaimer: As always, the characters/series involved belong to Takeuchi-san and Toriyama-san.
Posted to:, [ profile] crossoverfic

You do realize I've never danced before, right? )
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Title: 50 Snippets: Piccolo and Makoto (Nov. 2008)
Crossover: Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon
Pairing: Piccolo/Kino Makoto aka Sailor Jupiter (timelines Post-Majin Buu/Current Crystal Tokyo)
Rating: PG-13 (Mildly Suggestive)
Summary: 50 Drabbles/Sentences inspired by the Alpha prompts at [ profile] 1sentenceorder.
Disclaimer: As always, the characters/series involved belong to Takeuchi-san and Toriyama-san.
Posted to:, [ profile] crossoverfic

She gives him energy, and he grounds her. )
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It's a quiet, cold night, and I'm here overdosing on honey-lemon tea after a very boring day at work. A perfect time to make you all totally jealous show off a few pieces I had commissioned from a friend.

I've known [ profile] anisodus for several years now, our mutual love of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho (and the pairing Kuwabara/Yusuke), and sharing the same first name bringing us together. My personal KuYu art well ran dry a few years back (I still mourn that fact), but I still ogle her wonderful Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, and original artwork all the time on dA. She does fanart, but her style is all her own, and she always makes it work; don't ask me how, I'm still figuring how to do it myself. XD;

In November, she took commissions, and I ordered a couple fanart pieces; one series she's done before, and one she hasn't even CONSIDERED before...

4 images under here! )

Also I'm thinking of uploading all my other recent fic here to LJ; it's all DBZ/Sailor Moon crossover fic, featuring Piccolo/Makoto (Sailor Jupiter). I doubt there's many places for crossover fic here on LJ (or many interested), but I might as well have it all in one spot besides
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From the makers of Coraline, comes Paranorman. It hits theaters in August in the USA, and September in the UK (stupid early trailers, why must you tease me so?!). There's the US trailer under the cut, and an international trailer which shows several character's voices and a bit more about Norman.

You don't become a hero by being normal... )

...Damn it, I'll probably wind up slashing Norman and Mitch (the blonde jock), because they kind of remind me of another weird dark-haired kid who dealt with ghosts and stuff, and another blonde jock...

No! Bad brain, BAD! D8
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One week and a Christmas later, I'm back at home, waiting to go back to work tomorrow. BOOOOO.

So, how did it go? Well, it was kind of up and down....

fa la la la la... )

I think I've caught a cold though; my throat's been scratchy since Sunday, and now I'm coughing. Of course.

And I didn't get any art/fic done while traveling; I slept through most of both trips, just because of how freaking early the trips were (I was on the move by 6am, both ways). But from the sounds of it I'm not doing anything for New Year's besides working, so I may try something holiday-related this weekend. If not, there's always next year. XD;
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I begin my travels home for the holidays in about...*checks clock*...10 hours. Still have to do dishes, toss out my trash/the food in my fridge, charge my ipod, and finish packing stuff (including my computer).

And yet all I wanna do is veg, watch Storage Wars, and sleep. Go figure. =_=;;

Anyways, this will likely be my last post for a week (as my parents have crappy internet), so I'll wish my F-list a Happy Holidays!!

Hoopefully when you hear from me next week, I'll have some art/fic to share. 5 hours on a train makes for good artistic time. <3
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So Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish was on earlier this morning, and since I'll be missing "Mickey's Christmas Carol" on TV tomorrow night (working), I decided to hit Youtube to rewatch it.

And since I was in the mood, I then immediately went off and watched "A Muppet Christmas Carol". Oh Rizzo, how I adore you.<3

"Light the lamp, not the rat, LIGHT THE LAMP, NOT THE RAT!" D8

And since the only special on TV is tonight is "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", I think I'm going to continue onwards after it's done; time to find the Garfield Christmas special on Youtube, and then I'll finish up with my favorite, "A Muppet Family Christmas".

I leave for Xmas holidays on Wednesday morning, and snow or no snow, I'm excited.
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So I caved, and made myself a 'stocking' over at [ profile] fandom_stocking.

My fandoms and pairings are almost always obscure or downright non-existent, but I figured, hey, why not? I might at least get well-wishes (which may have to be all I give there; most of everyone else's fandom/pairings I have no knowledge of. D:)

I'd say 'stuff my stocking!' but that would sound greedy. And perverted.

^link above
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With ten days left until Christmas, there isn't a lick of snow on the ground here or in my hometown. In fact, it's been raining all day long. The weather report for the next 14 days isn't very promising either.

All I want for Christmas is a White Christmas. ;_;
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So I was over at Fandom_Secrets, reading today's batch. Among them was one for the new Ai No Kusabi OVA's (that are, supposedly, finally coming out next year). Someone posted a couple screens of the originals (which are still gorgeous) with Iason and Riki.

And all I see now is Android!Tracks and Raoul in them. And yeah, I'm good with that. All Riki would need is longer hair, and Iason is more than 'perfect'-looking enough to be Tracks. It's hot.

But the idea of Track and Raoul going through the entire plot of AnK in the same way...the whole 'pet' thing, the resentments/reluctant emotions, the ending...Both of them have enough crap to deal with in my headcanon, I don't like them to be the sources of said crap to each other. I have a bad case of the fandom sads now. D:

Finishing shortbread cookies can wait until tomorrow. I need some happy, diabetes-inducing R/T to make me feel better.

*goes to find sketchbook and turn on her Tracks/Raoul playlist*
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I got to shake hands with Aaron Ashmore (aka Jimmy Olsen from Smallville, as well as work from Jett Jackson and Are You Afraid of the Dark) back at Anime North in May.

He was working on a TV Miniseries called 'Fanboy Confessional' as the Narrator, and they were in between scenes when one of my panels ended. I walked out into the hallway, AND THERE HE WAS. I totally did a double-take. XD I couldn't resist a quick "Hi Aaron, I know you're busy, but I wanted to say I love your work." He thanked me and shook my hand and asked what my name was.

It was a whole 10 seconds of interaction, but it had me silently squeeing all day long.

And yes, he's at least 20% hotter in real life. Them Ashmore brothers, HNNNNNNG. <3

Kinda makes me wish I WASN'T cosplaying as Checkmate at the time, but oh well. It was a con, I took what I could get. XD;;

I've also spoken with a few anime/cartoon voice actors, such as Scott McNeil and Vic Mignoga in Fan Meet n' Greets at conventions, but that one was a little different...
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I love watching the Iron Chef America Christmas episode with Robert Irvine/Tyler Florence vs. Cat Cora/Paula Deen. It's just so much fun.

Can we get Paula and Robert hosting a show together? Even if no cooking was actually done, it'd be awesome. XD

EDIT: Just watched the new episode of The Next Iron Chef? My thoughts?

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I mean, they've never even been in the same damn episode; there's no proof they'd even met.

But they'd totally be the best human team up in Transformers ever. A strong, street smart punk that's awesome with machines, and a determined computer geek genius that doesn't let his disability slow him down? HELL YES. And they could build stuff together that may or may not blow up like Wheeljack's stuff! I blame this comic for sticking the idea in my head (it's even Christmas themed!)

P.S.: Most of these sketches are over 4 months old. They kinda hit the back burner working on Close Encounters and other fic...

P.P.S: Yes, I do have a thing for 'Opposites Attract' teams/pairings be thankful I didn't have them kiss...yet.

P.P.P.S:...I have no idea where else to x-post this to on LJ, if anywhere. XD;
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I still have 3.25 hours before it's December here! Still counts!

Title: Danger, Sudden Swerve
Fandom/Pairing: Transformers G1, Tracks/Raoul
Words: 4500 (no wonder this took so long. DX)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slight swearing, human/mech relationship, mentions of injuries/violence
Summary: For the "Five Firsts" challenge over at [ profile] tf_rare_pairing. It'll be posted there and possibly at [ profile] flesh_and_steel

All it takes is one wrong turn to find yourself somewhere new and amazing. )


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