January 14th, 2012

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I've been having pain in my right foot since October, and was recently diagnosed with having plantar fasciitis. Basically, a band of tissue in my foot connects from my heel to my toes, and walking/standing all day causes it to stretch and have micro-tears, causing pain especially after relaxing for a bit, then trying to walk again.

And I learned that the way I walk is probably why my knees are so bad; my steps angle in a little more than the normal person, putting more strain on them. Best free assessment ever!

Good news is, it might be helped with stretches and orthotics (which my health insurance mostly covers, thankfully). And if it gets bad, there's anti-inflammatories to help reduce the swelling. Some people say they don't work, but I'm hoping I'm one of the ones it does work for...

On a more amusing note, the pamphlet I got re: plantar faciitis described the soreness from the heel as 'exquisite pain'. I don't think I've ever heard this phrase used outside of porny fanfics, so for it to be used in a medical term was a little weird. XD


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