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So weird having days off during the week, especially after working only one day; I normally work Monday to Friday, but the holidays always throw that off. Plus a weekend guy broke his leg, so I have Friday off, work Saturday, then have Sunday off. Yeah. Weird.

Since I did nothing on New Years and I'm 90% over my cold (broke New Year's Eve night. Figures.), I decided to go out and spend some money at the mall. Bought "The Great Muppet Caper", "The Muppet Movie", "The Iron Giant", "and Julie and Julia" for $10 each at HMV, and spent $20 on new shirts at Reitman's since my old ones are woefully small; it was kinda picked over though, I'll have to go back after the Boxing Day sales. I almost bought Greatest Hits CD's of Journey and Lonestar too, but remembered I can get them cheaper on iTunes (Current mainstream music? What's that? LOL).

Currently doing some sketches based on my Tracks/Raoul fic 'Danger: Sudden Swerve', and I'm taking on the January challenge at [ profile] tf_rare_pairing, which is the pairing of your choice from a third-person POV. This is the perfect opportunity to continue 'Close Encounters' with a certain red boombox... ;D
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