December 10th, 2011

rebecky_mo: First look of Usopp after timeskip (Tracks/Raoul)
So I was over at Fandom_Secrets, reading today's batch. Among them was one for the new Ai No Kusabi OVA's (that are, supposedly, finally coming out next year). Someone posted a couple screens of the originals (which are still gorgeous) with Iason and Riki.

And all I see now is Android!Tracks and Raoul in them. And yeah, I'm good with that. All Riki would need is longer hair, and Iason is more than 'perfect'-looking enough to be Tracks. It's hot.

But the idea of Track and Raoul going through the entire plot of AnK in the same way...the whole 'pet' thing, the resentments/reluctant emotions, the ending...Both of them have enough crap to deal with in my headcanon, I don't like them to be the sources of said crap to each other. I have a bad case of the fandom sads now. D:

Finishing shortbread cookies can wait until tomorrow. I need some happy, diabetes-inducing R/T to make me feel better.

*goes to find sketchbook and turn on her Tracks/Raoul playlist*


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