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Just venting over work. Pay no attention unless you want to know why I want to make my boss bend over, just so I can shove my boxcutter up his ass sideways.

So we got an email from customer service today, citing an employee complaint. A week ago, she came in and tried to by some of a meat dept (which I work in) item on sale for $1, but someone put the wrong item in with the sale item; whether it was an employee mistake, or a customer leaving them there when they realized they had the wrong stuff, IDK.

ANYWAY, she got up to the cash, and found out she had the wrong stuff. After saying she'd found them with the sale item, she asked if she could get them for the sale price. Cashier supervisor said no after asking the person on shift. Big huge kerfluff went on, and the customer felt slighted by the cash super, should have gotten the stuff on sale blahblahblah...

So TODAY, my the store owner (who is SUPPOSED to take Wednesdays off, but never does because he's paranoid and insane) comes up to me with it and asks me how I'M going to reply to this complaint, saying how it's MY fault that the about the whole thing, because if Meat Dept didn't have something in the wrong place, it wouldn't have happened.


One? This took place on a Wednesday night. NIGHT. Which I rarely (if ever) work. Don't hold me responsible for another worker; you don't pay me enough for that.

Two? Most of that email had NOTHING to do with our department, and EVERYTHING to do with how the Cash Supervisor treated the customer. Not a single bad thing was said about the department, save the fact that for whatever reason, the wrong item was mixed in with the sale stuff.

Three? This was during a Dollar Sale, the biggest one of the year; things are ALWAYS in places they're not supposed to be, customers toss things around when they change their minds/realize they have the wrong stuff. Things get missed because there's 25 customers for every one of us on the floor, and usually only ONE Meat person watching our department. Bite me.

Four? It's $10 worth of merchandise this whole thing is over. Ten freaking bucks. Meanwhile, we've been having $100,000 ringout days since last Friday.

Five? It's not my job to deal with customer complaints like that; once again, you don't pay me enough for that. I'm a Meat Dept. clerk; I take the boxes when they come in, and put the stuff out. On occasion I do the orders. That's it.

That sort of stuff is what the actual Department Manager is paid to deal with. Oh, waaaaaaait, you won't go yell at the Meat Manager, can you? Because she's your goddamn fiancee, and heaven forbid you actually go and complain to her about her fucking department, which she doesn't even do any work in 80% of the day. She just sits upstairs in the office and answers the freaking phone like a glorified secretary instead of working on the floor and help me.

Meanwhile today I was stuck with a newbie who doesn't know anything about the department he's supposed to be working in, because he's been working your precious fucking Grocery shit for TWO WEEKS. So we were behind schedule with getting things out, and I never took my fucking break to get us back on track. I was lucky I got to leave early, but I would have anyway because you were pissing me off so much.

But maybe that's why you don't like me, because I'm not your fiancee you can't yell at, and I'm not one of your precious Grocery boys who you treat like your own kids half the time, while treating the meat/cashier girls like shit on your shoe. Your cashiers were the fastest ones in the entire province out of our chain during the first week of Dollar Sale. 160 stores, and THEY were fastest during the craziest days of the year. Your response?

"You can do better."

HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU DO BETTER THAN FIRST PLACE?!?!?! So they don't even get a congratulations. Meanwhile you treat your Grocery guys to subs for no freaking reason, and ignore the girls up front?! ARRRRRRGH.

Boss, I know you don't even want to go on this fully paid, company-wide vacation to Cuba you're going on next week (WHAT.), but I'll take a pay cut if you agree to just...just STAY down there. We can manage just freaking fine without you and your fiancee around every day; I do it everyday, and I know the more sane Managers of the other departments can too.

*goes off to draw to feel better*
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