October 10th, 2011

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So today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I'm actually on my way back to my place. I'm thankful there was an Express bus to Toronto, so it'll only be 6 hours on buses instead of 7-8.

I've actually been up north with my family since Thursday afternoon, and we had our family dinner last night. As always, SO MUCH FOOD. Really mom, you need to figure out portions. Really. =_=; We also picked our names for the Secret Santa thing.

My poor sister wound up working all weekend, and couldn't find anyone to take her shift so she missed the dinner last night. She was NOT happy. Christmas dinner is going to be worked around her schedule, as even though she requested Christmas Eve off, there's no guarantees. She's already been stuck working two Xmas Eve's in a row now though, so heads will roll if she's stuck again.

My grandmother...*sigh*. She's still at home, but she looks even worse than the last time I saw her in August. My mom and aunt are getting her into an elderly living apartment next weekend, so at least she'll be able to move around a bit, and sleep in her own bed/bathe in a shower (both are on the second floor of her house, which she can't get up to anymore).

But she can't dress, bathe or cook for herself, and her hand shakes like crazy when she tries to eat. She needs to be in nursing home. But nothing short of a hospital stay is going to get her there now. My aunt is willing to bet that's going to happen by Christmas. I can't disagree with her...

It's hard to see how quickly my grandma deteriorated; 2 years ago, she was still so strong for her age (late 70's) save for a bad shoulder. And watching my 50-something mother already struggling with sore joints and my dad with bad knees...


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