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So I finally got off my ass and started painting my apartment. I've only had the paint sitting there for, y'know, 6 MONTHS. But right now it's not muggy to keep the paint sticky, and not cold enough that I can't keep to patio door open to get fresh air in. So hey, figured why not. And in between coats I get to chill out and write/draw; that is, if I get off my ass and do THAT, too. LOL.

Still debating if I want to bother setting up the Christmas tree or not next week. I mean, I'm the only one who really sees it, so... >_>;

Anyway, to make this post worthwhile, have some Kermit being interviewed by George Strombolopolous (yes, that's his real last name) on The Hour. It's hilarious.

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Because that'd sure explain why they always want to play at the same time my body wants to sleep. Clearly they need some training to keep up with MY body clock.

Thank God I don't work until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon; this may be a long night.

Icon most definitely related to annoying nocturnal muses. You're very lucky I like you, boys...
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And by that, I mean very little sleep. Poor guy gets maybe 4 hours sporadically each night, and it seems I'm going to follow his footsteps. Over the last few years, I've noticed that I keep getting up earlier and earlier; a few minutes here or there.

The last couple months, I've been waking up around 6am every day, be it Wednesday or Saturday. I don't have to leave the house until 9am for work, and going back to sleep doesn't happen for me. Sleeping in doesn't exist, unless I stay up until 1 or 2am, and even then it's only maybe til 9, meaning I just get a normal nights sleep.

NOW I'm waking up at 5:30am. Hoo boy...
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I just had a dream that someone had taken my sketchbook, ripped out some pages from it, and scored/scratched up the rest of it with like a key or something. Needless to say, I was horrified.

The funny thing is...I think it was supposed to be a veteran or something. And it's Rememberance Day here. D:

*makes sure to leave sketchbook at home today, juuuuuust in case*
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Turns out that challenge over at [ profile] tf_rare_pairing isn't for five fics, but one fic with five segments/vignettes to it with the five firsts/four firsts, one last.


Good thing I didn't start yet. xD;

Still gonna do it though, and try for a couple more fan stuff too this month (since December is sketchy with all the holiday joy and all).
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The time when fanfic writers around the world are gearing up for NaNoWriMo starting November 1st, hoping that they night get their 50,000 words done in 30 days.

No chance in heck am I ready for that. I only started writing again this summer. XD;;;

If I'm still writing fic this time next year, I'll consider it. I have ideas, but I want a decent plot/story plan to tackle the beast of November.

But it turns out [ profile] tf_rare_pairing is doing a little side-thing for those interested. Claim a rare Transformer pairing, and write five fics between Nov 1st and 30th having to do with 'firsts', or "five firsts and one last" (500 words minimum).

Now this, I think I can do.

Do I really have to say which pairing I picked? *g*
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Dammit, I know alcohol bugs my stomach. I KNOW this.

I should have stopped at one cooler. Hell, I was GOING to stop at one cooler.

But my softball teammate had got up and bought me another before I could catch him, plus another chip for one, and they were $5 each...

We should be able to use one tag more than once. Using 'stupidity' once is an understatement on this one.



October 12th, 2011 07:25 am
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Is it just me, or is LJ Messages lagging the last 12 hours or so? I'm only now getting messages/comments that were posted 3-6 hours ago.
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So today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I'm actually on my way back to my place. I'm thankful there was an Express bus to Toronto, so it'll only be 6 hours on buses instead of 7-8.

I've actually been up north with my family since Thursday afternoon, and we had our family dinner last night. As always, SO MUCH FOOD. Really mom, you need to figure out portions. Really. =_=; We also picked our names for the Secret Santa thing.

My poor sister wound up working all weekend, and couldn't find anyone to take her shift so she missed the dinner last night. She was NOT happy. Christmas dinner is going to be worked around her schedule, as even though she requested Christmas Eve off, there's no guarantees. She's already been stuck working two Xmas Eve's in a row now though, so heads will roll if she's stuck again.

My grandmother...*sigh*. She's still at home, but she looks even worse than the last time I saw her in August. My mom and aunt are getting her into an elderly living apartment next weekend, so at least she'll be able to move around a bit, and sleep in her own bed/bathe in a shower (both are on the second floor of her house, which she can't get up to anymore).

But she can't dress, bathe or cook for herself, and her hand shakes like crazy when she tries to eat. She needs to be in nursing home. But nothing short of a hospital stay is going to get her there now. My aunt is willing to bet that's going to happen by Christmas. I can't disagree with her...

It's hard to see how quickly my grandma deteriorated; 2 years ago, she was still so strong for her age (late 70's) save for a bad shoulder. And watching my 50-something mother already struggling with sore joints and my dad with bad knees...
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So Young Justice is FINALLY coming to Canadian TV this fall. Color me excited!

Maybe we'll even get to see new episodes sooner than the USA, like with TF:Prime (Mwahahaha!)
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It's only 9:30 in the morning, and it's already 32˚C with the humidity, with the promise of it feeling like 40˚C this afternoon (that'd be 102˚F for those in the US or Belize. XD).

And still no chance of rain, even after 2 weeks of this kind of humidity.

WELL, sounds like a good day to stay in the air conditioning and work on some fics/art. *pops open TextEdit*

(Yes, I know some on my f-list live somewhere hotter/more humid than southern Ontario, but let me have a moment to whine. And Michi, you can't say anything because Daegu's about the same heat as here right now... XD;;;)
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So as usual, it's been awhile since the last entry. *sigh* Between helping a friend pack for moving, crazy sales at work, and trying to get this stupid cosplay done, things have been a little nuts.

It all came to a head last week when I got word my mom was in the hospital; it wasn't anything life-threatening, but she was in there for about a week to recuperate. Since I didn't feel like sitting 5 hours away and worrying all weekend, I decided last minute to go up north to cheer her up (I haven't been home since Christmas). She got out yesterday, and hopefully it stays that way.

But now I'm back home, and hoping to get some stuff done this weekend; including art!

Fair warning; I was watching G1 Transformers while I was home, and a certain pairing has EATEN MY BRAIN. (Why can't I ever like the popular pairings? WHY? Dammit.)

Art WIP List
- Piccolo/Makoto "Neither Rain, Nor Sleet" (scanned, coloring in progress)
- Transformers M/M character designs, and SMUT! (pencil drawings)
- Kuwabara/Yusuke "Conscience vs Machismo" (sketched)
- Prize Art for :devff8cb5: (YYH OC's) (sketched)

Art Ideas
- "In Your Dreams" Series (Kuwabara/Yusuke; Yu Yu Hakusho)
- "A Shoulder To Gnaw On" Series (Kuwabara/Yusuke; Yu Yu Hakusho)
- "Time To Shine" (SM/DBZ Crossover, various char)
- "One Step At A Time" (Piccolo/Makoto; SM/DBZ Crossover)
- "Scarred Star" (Piccolo/Makoto; SM/DBZ Crossover)
- "Pollen Nocturne" (Piccolo/Makoto; SM/DBZ Crossover)
And other various Piccolo/Makoto pics. ^^;

I'd love some suggestion as to which planned art ideas you guys might like to see first (after I finish the WIP's, of course.)
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Over at a Talenthouse.Com, contest is going on, begun by Stan Lee, his foundation and Todd McFarlane.

The premise? Create your own original superhero (not of any other hero universe). Voting is going on now, and the Top 20 will be viewed by Stan Lee's foundation, and a winner will be chosen.

The winner will be flown to Comic Con (all expenses paid), and receive an award there from Stan Lee himself. They will also tour Todd McFarlane's studios, and have their hero made into a statue/figurine, to be given to select donators to Stan Lee's Foundation (and the winner). Runners up will receive a Prismacolor Marker set, and the Top 20 will also receive a Marvel movie poster, signed by Stan Lee.

I'm hoping the people here might give me a few extra votes. ^_^ My entry is Kilt, aka Ceanna MacNabb.

"When Ceanna was in university, studying to become a teacher, strange things began to happen in Edinburgh. People were being murdered in the ancient castles of the lands, their blood drained from their bodies from a deep wound in their chest. The only survivor was found in one of the castles, eyes clenched shut, and reciting a prayer.

With her love of history and folklore, she knew that this killer was the legendary creature RedCap, and insisted to the police that however crazy it sounded, it MUST be true! But they didn't listen. More people died, one by one...Ceanna couldn't take it anymore; if the police wouldn't listen, SHE had to do something!

She took down the decorative claymore sword her father had made years before, and set out to sharpen it's dull blades. Disguising herself in an old school uniform and a mask of red paint, she set out towards the castles of the borders...Now, years later as high-school history teacher in Glasgow, Ceanna continues to right the darkest of wrongs in the United Kingdom, taking on villians of both myth and mortal origins.

There is no magic ring; no powers granted by a yellow sun, nor limitless wealth and tools to aid her quest. Her love of history, folklore, and languages act as her sharpest weapons, and her newly forged claymore her deadliest. Her only shield is but a brooch, which protects her from magic attacks, both physical and mental.

Ceanna has no deep need for justice, no tragedy that pushes her forward. All she knows is that things are happening in Scotland that the police can't handle, or choose not to accept. And if one chooses to ignore history, they are often destined to repeat it..."

Thanks for your time guys! ♡
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So I'm trying to write again.

As usual, it's more of my Piccolo/Sailor Jupiter obsession (seriously, WHY DO I LOVE THEM SO MUCH?); this time I'm trying to do the [ profile] crossovers100 challenge (it's a prompt-comm dedicated to crossovers), as I FAILED hated the 1sentence challenge. I love my details too much to stick with one goddamn sentence. DX

I've been signed up for months, but haven't been able to get my ass down and WRITE. I started my first prompt last night; unfortunately writing doesn't come easy to me, so it takes awhile.

Really sucks that I've got all these IDEAS in my head (for both art and stories), but it's like it's...stuck up there, and won't come down. Like a cat stuck in a tree.

*iz annoyed*
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So, I WAS planning to go out clothes shopping, spending my gift certificate while they have their End of Season sale going on.

But it's been snowing off on on all morning, and not just a little bit. Pretty sure we've gotten almost 2 inches in the last couple hours. So trudging out and dragging around shopping bags doesn't sound all that great.

Instead, I've decided to wait until tomorrow for that (weather permitting), and I'm gonna have a home-day, doing some housework, some cosplay stuff, and watching some of my new One Piece DVDs (one being an Xmas gift, the other 2 being gifts to myself. XP)

I now have everything that been released, having Season Three's Third Voyage (up to Episode 182, in Skypiea). Of course, Fourth Voyage is coming out in a few weeks, followed by Fifth Voyage next month.

All at $40+ a pop.

And that's not even halfway through the series. Which hasn't even come CLOSE to ending in Japan.

Oh One Piece, you're so amazing. But my wallet wonders why, oh WHY must you be so LONG? ;_;
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So I was out on the town today, wasting more money (oh DC, I never should have gotten into your stuff, you own my soul wallet), when I saw a piece of advertising attached to a traffic pole. Didn't seem like anything special, until I got closer and read it. Kinda made my inner graphic designer groan:

Achilles Carpet Cleaning Service
If You Spilly, Call Achille


Ok, so Achilles and Achille are both real, but are TOTALLY DIFFFERENT NAMES (one Greek, the other French). On several levels, THIS DOES NOT WORK.

If it was the owner who thought that up, the designer should have commented and tried something else, 'the customer is always right' be damned.

If it was the designer who thought it up, I hope they got a stern talking to.
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XD; Wow, 2 months since I updated, how sad. But what a time it's been! So much to catch you guys up on. Let's start with:

New Job
Yes, I've gotten a new job. Moved to a new city, even! It all happened the VERY last week of November, in which I drove 5 hours for a job interview in Hamilton, ON. 5 days later, I was offered the job, and accepted the job.

The next 10 days were spent in INSANITY. We drove down to Hamilton that very weekend, looked for apartments, found one we liked (but weren't accepted til 2 days before I moved. YEEP.) I gave my notice to my old job, and between working my last shifts there starting packing, buying stuff for the new apartment, getting things settled, ordered cheques (for my rent payments), and half a zillion other things.

I've been here a month now, and it's been going good. (see below in "Living in Hamilton")

Christmas/New Years
Ah, the holidays; I may have just moved a week or so before, but no chance in hell was I missing it with my family. I wound up leaving for home immediately after work Friday the 22nd.

Like, literally. I'd brought my packed stuff with me to work, was done at 4:30, was on a GO Bus to Toronto by 5, and was heading to North Bay by 7:30. It all went rather smooth, actually.

...Until the buses transmisson blew at about 9:30pm. Took over an hour for another bus to get to us so we could continue on. Fun. XP;

ANYWAYS. For the next 9 days I helped my mom make scrumptious Cabbage Rolls (which I better get some of next time they come visit me. D< ), got to see the family I didn't get to say bye to before I moved, had yummy Xmas dinners, updated my former co-workers on how Hamilton was (tell ya, I don't miss working Xmas/New Years Eve there!), and hung out with my family.

Presents? I got a lot of stuff before I moved, so gifts were understandably few. I did get a pair of PJ's, some cookbooks, and some DVDs (Hairspray, Justice League, Old School TMNT).

I was back in my apartment by New Years Eve, and just really spent the night/day chilling out. I was wiped after the week before. It was actually really nice. xD; Went back to work for the 2nd, and that's about it.

Living in Hamilton
So far, so good. Starting to get settled in at the new job, and I'll be going from 9:30-4 soon, giving me a 1/2 hour to learn on my own afterwards. By February, I'll be putting in my full 40+ hours/week.

Which means money. Money is goooood. >_>;;

And I'm finally having a bit of time to explore the area for more than groceries. There's this comic shop a little ways up from my work, and it's actually pretty nice; not only can I get my Sonic comic there, but they sell manga too! ^^ Don't have to go to Toronto every time I need to get the new volumes, or pre-order them (well, except Eroica)!

Also looked at a few Fabric shops in the area for cosplay resources. And lo and behold, one has Black/White CHECKERED fabric! The exact thing I need for my Checkmate cosplay. I'm THRILLED. :D I'mma figure out how much I need and get it ASAP (I will NOT see that stuff sold before I get it).

....I admit, I'm being lazy. ^^; I have to work on a few Xmas Secret Santa pics before month's end (one WILL be done tonight, dammit). Only then will I get to some of my ideas I wanna draw.
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I told you guys about how I had issues with my computer, and upon rectifying that problem, I found all my files had been erased from my hard drive.

I said I was going to try to get them retrieved at the local Staples.


Okay, so Staples lied to me. Apparantly they couldn't work on my Mac computer, because it was simply a Mac or because my laptop didn't have a certain plug-in. So I'm slightly miffed at the guy I talked to on Sunday for giving me false hope.

I also contacted a guy who works on Macs locally. He said he could probably help me out, but in the same breath told me it would be $500 cost MINIMUM.

Hahahaha NO.

Also looked into programs that might help me out, but when I used the trial formats, it wasn't finding any of my bigger art files, mainly silly things that was more about the computer bits. Plus the fact I'd have to buy the program and an External HardDrive?

I think it's time to let go of what I lost, and move on. Thankfully, I had a good chunk of my art and resume/school work on disk already.

Wish I could have saved my Kilt Comic cover in HQ though. I LOVE that thing....

Ah well. A moment of silence for that which has been lost in the line of duty, if you please.

*bows her head as TAPS plays in the background*
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Yeah, you guys read that right; I had some MAJOR issues with my laptop over the last 5 days. First, I was working on a piece in Photoshop when the program shut down on me. Tried to restart it a few times, and no good.

Well, fine then! I'll just restart my computer, no problem.

Or not.

Once the thing began restarting, it would freeze during the startup of the OS X program (Mac laptop). It could go for HOURS without really starting up. Tried to start it a couple times for a few days, no go.

NOW I'm getting worried.

So I go onto Apple's site, over to Support Discussions for help. I get it (put in the Installation disk and hold 'C' as you startup), but I made a mistake and actually re-install the program, which I wasn't supposed to do. I pick the wrong options and all that too.

But hey, my laptop's turning on! Everythings hunky-dory again.

EXCEPT ALL MY FILES ARE GONE. HO S***!!! Thankfully I kept a good chunk of my art and resumes on a disk, but I lost some of my most recent art (last 7 months or so) and all my images and music. So now I'm wondering if I should be happy or not. I actually begin to accept the fact that it's all gone and try to start over.

But today I called my local Staples to see if they do Data Recovery, and turns out they do. So I may actually get my stuff back (I hope).

So yes, stressful couple of days. If I DO get my files back, I'mma delete all the stuff I wasn't worried about and re-burn my art and such. I was working on some things, as I said, so we'll see how soon those things get done now.

Computers, OI.
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I was waiting in the parking lot for my sister to finish (thought she might want a ride home after a long day), when I noticed a lady and her daughter kinda standing around a car, occasionally looking at a storm drain at their feet. When I went over to ask, turns out the mom dropped her car key down the deep drain, and were waiting for her husband to show up to see how they could get it out. They'd already been there about 15 mins or something.

I felt bad for them, since it was cold and the store didn't have any tools to help in the meantime. So, figuring I had a few minutes, I zipped back to the house (a few blocks away) and grabbed a crowbar and ice fishing scoopy-thing to see if I could help out.

I was too weak to open the drain myself with the crowbar, but luckily, three guys came out of the store and noticed me and the mother standing by the drain with the tools (which must have been one hell of a funny sight xD). It took all three of them to lift the drain cover up while I snagged the key with the ice scoop, but we managed to get the keys out! Naturally, her husband showed up just as we got them out. LOL.

She thanked us all for our help, saying it would have cost her 100 bucks to get a new set; she even gave me twenty bucks for my help, even though I told her I didn't want it. Seeing as my sister wasn't out yet, I figured I missed her coming out (I did), so I went home.

So yes, I was the good samaritan for today. Felt good to do something for someone. =3


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