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It's only 9:30 in the morning, and it's already 32˚C with the humidity, with the promise of it feeling like 40˚C this afternoon (that'd be 102˚F for those in the US or Belize. XD).

And still no chance of rain, even after 2 weeks of this kind of humidity.

WELL, sounds like a good day to stay in the air conditioning and work on some fics/art. *pops open TextEdit*

(Yes, I know some on my f-list live somewhere hotter/more humid than southern Ontario, but let me have a moment to whine. And Michi, you can't say anything because Daegu's about the same heat as here right now... XD;;;)
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Two weeks ago today, I was frantically trying to complete my costume for Anime North, which was occurring the next weekend. I spend two full days (aka 12 hours a day or more) sitting at my dining room table getting the thing done.

BUT, I got it done. I was happy with it, and all geared up for that Thursday, when I was planning to leave. After two years, I was going back to Anime North!

...Wednesday afternoon at work, I get a phone call.

Up north, my grandmother's gone into the hospital. It's really not looking good for her; people are coming in from all over the country.

After A LOT of talking (and some arguing) on the phone, my father finally convinces my sister and I to go ahead with our plans for the weekend, and I would drive up with my sister to be home in case the worst happens. We do so, and I did enjoy the convention. But the situation back home never leaves my mind.

It only gets worse when we hear from our dad late Saturday that our mother is back in the hospital for the 5th time this year, as yet another complication from her surgery has come up. This time it's a pulmonary embolism (aka blood clot in the lungs). My sister can't drive in the dark, so we decide to leave for home early on Sunday.

My father neglects to mention our mother was taken to the hospital via ambulance (my dad had been at the hospital already with our grandma) and put into the ICU. Didn't want us worrying. Right.

So after a long weekend, we pull into the driveway, and within 15 minutes we're going to the hospital to see our mom and grandma. Mom is weak, pale, and being loaded with blood thinners, but she's good. She came home on Friday afternoon, hopefully for good this time.

And absolutely stunning her doctors. Her kidney function is up from 10% to 40%; she's awake, and speaking a little bit despite the drugs she's on. 11 days after being admitted, she's fully conscious, and while weak and unable to feed herself, is eating a small liquid diet. She's nowhere near out of the woods, but there's actual hope.

For the last week, I was running back and forth to the hospital, doing errands for my family, and visiting friends and more family. I was expecting to go to a funeral.

For all the changes in plans the last week, I'll gladly take that result .

*goes to flop onto couch*
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So after 3 weeks in the hospital, my mom finally came home last Thursday; she needed home care to come repack her incisions, and she still had the drain in her, but she was home.

Almost immediately, her appetite disappeared, and she got nauseous. She drank very little, and ate a hair above nothing. She was weak. Today she went back into the hospital to find out what the hell was causing it, and was re-admitted.

She'd been seeing two different doctors in the hospital after her surgery, and upon leaving, one of them reduced her daily prednisone without consulting the other doctor. She wound up going into prednisone withdrawals, resulting in all of her issues upon leaving the hospital. She's been getting some serious I.V. all day, and will be in the hospital another few days.

I am so F***ing angry at my mother's doctors, I can't even describe it.

They were both working on my mom during surgery at the same time. Do the doctors not even talk to each other about post-op/release treatment? Especially regarding medications?

To make things worse, from the sound of it, one of the doctors may actually be to blame for my mom's fistula (and resultant surgery), as it took him a few times to get the drain into the abscess. He may have punctured something. My dad's thinking of sitting in on one of the doctor's meetings, and possibly considering legal action. We'll see how things go.
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So, 11 months ago, I underwent surgery to deal with an abscess in my intestinal tract, which had been causing me pain for MONTHS. They had to do a resection (for those not in the know, that's when they remove part of the intestine, and reattach the two parts again). Took me MONTHS to recover, mostly because the opening decided to be a bitch and not heal properly. This was my introduction to the world of Crohn's.

So early in March, my mom wound up going into the hospital. For the first time in 13 years (since she got her ostomy), she was having complications from her own Crohns's (it's believed to be genetic). She was in there for a few days, getting her nutrition back up, and was put back on medication.

She was back there last weekend with pains, and this time they discovered and abscess they hadn't seen the last time she was there. They put a drain in her, and sent her home after a few days with instructions to see Homecare to get it replaced/cleaned every couple days. The whole time she was feeling pain.

My dad wound up rushing her to ER Friday night; the abscess had burst, and needed to undergo surgery for the first time in 13 years yesterday. She wound up not only getting a resection, but they also decided to move her ostomy from her one side to the other (meaning removing/sewing up one side of her, and reopening/implanting on the other side).

She'll be in the hospital for at least a week. She's going to be out at minimum 6 weeks; she's in pain because the morphine just ain't doing it for her this time (immunity buildup?).

EDIT: Just spoke to my mom via the hospital who had better info (and apparently is on better meds). Turns out it wasn't just an abscess, but a fistula, which had been leaking into her body and out the drain. So she's now got 4 separate openings that need to have packing done.

I'm pissed that the CAT Scan didn't show how damn bad this thing was, that the Homecare nurses didn't suspect anything when my mom was complaining of pain, and that they let my mom out so goddamn early in the first place. Two days is NOT enough time.

And even though dad told me not to worry, I really, REALLY wish I wasn't 5 hours away right now.

*goes off to plot for a longer Easter visit*
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So I'm trying to write again.

As usual, it's more of my Piccolo/Sailor Jupiter obsession (seriously, WHY DO I LOVE THEM SO MUCH?); this time I'm trying to do the [ profile] crossovers100 challenge (it's a prompt-comm dedicated to crossovers), as I FAILED hated the 1sentence challenge. I love my details too much to stick with one goddamn sentence. DX

I've been signed up for months, but haven't been able to get my ass down and WRITE. I started my first prompt last night; unfortunately writing doesn't come easy to me, so it takes awhile.

Really sucks that I've got all these IDEAS in my head (for both art and stories), but it's like it's...stuck up there, and won't come down. Like a cat stuck in a tree.

*iz annoyed*
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So, I WAS planning to go out clothes shopping, spending my gift certificate while they have their End of Season sale going on.

But it's been snowing off on on all morning, and not just a little bit. Pretty sure we've gotten almost 2 inches in the last couple hours. So trudging out and dragging around shopping bags doesn't sound all that great.

Instead, I've decided to wait until tomorrow for that (weather permitting), and I'm gonna have a home-day, doing some housework, some cosplay stuff, and watching some of my new One Piece DVDs (one being an Xmas gift, the other 2 being gifts to myself. XP)

I now have everything that been released, having Season Three's Third Voyage (up to Episode 182, in Skypiea). Of course, Fourth Voyage is coming out in a few weeks, followed by Fifth Voyage next month.

All at $40+ a pop.

And that's not even halfway through the series. Which hasn't even come CLOSE to ending in Japan.

Oh One Piece, you're so amazing. But my wallet wonders why, oh WHY must you be so LONG? ;_;
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Oh look, I'm posting here! Must be time for me to attempt a New Year's Resolution again.

Meanwhile, it seems I've got a bit of a Crohn's flare-up going on the last few days. It's not bad enough for me to miss work (thank God, this is the ONE time of year I can't afford to miss work), but it's more than enough to be frustrating.

Worst part is, I did it to myself. I think I can list 'Alcoholic Drinks' as one of my triggers. And I think I suspected it even before too.


But noooo, I had to go to a New Years party with 'kids' still in the "Getting Piss-Drunk Is FUN!" stage of their lives, and drank 4x more than I ever do. (Which surprisingly, didn't even get me DRUNK.)

And I'd been doing pretty damn well during all the holiday stresses too, including traveling home. Guess I need to stock up on some FlareFoods again.

*Is really annoyed with herself right about now*
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So I was out on the town today, wasting more money (oh DC, I never should have gotten into your stuff, you own my soul wallet), when I saw a piece of advertising attached to a traffic pole. Didn't seem like anything special, until I got closer and read it. Kinda made my inner graphic designer groan:

Achilles Carpet Cleaning Service
If You Spilly, Call Achille


Ok, so Achilles and Achille are both real, but are TOTALLY DIFFFERENT NAMES (one Greek, the other French). On several levels, THIS DOES NOT WORK.

If it was the owner who thought that up, the designer should have commented and tried something else, 'the customer is always right' be damned.

If it was the designer who thought it up, I hope they got a stern talking to.
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Just noticed recently the stupid headphone port to my Macbook won't work properly (no sound comes out when they're plugged in), SO NOW it's been shipped off for repairs for 1-2 weeks. Does this mean I need to actually go out and DO STUFF on my free time? D8

At least I found out while the 1 year warranty was still in effect; who knows how much it would have cost to get it fixed if I had to PAY for it?
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So this week I had the opportunity to get a one-bedroom apartment for myself, in a complex I like (I looked at one in the other building in April, but it was bad timing). I went and checked it all out, and it was nice. LOTS more space than I have now.

But because of the move-time (which conflicts with my parents moving), I wanted to talk to 'em, see if they'd still be able to help if I did take it. We discussed, agreed they could help me and that I should take the apartment. So I called the lady the next morning, saying I'd like to put in an application for it.

Someone had put one in just that morning, before I called. ;_; Sigh.

Very little chance of them being denied, so I lost my shot at this one. I still put in an application, and got my name on their waiting list. Hopefully I'll get in before the snow flies, but we'll see.
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Once a week! xP

Fell on the ground like a shmuck yesterday, in front of the mall. *facepalm* Stupid klutzy streak kicks in at the WORST times. I'm all sore today from it, my arm is killing me whenever I lift something. Want to draw, but hands hurt too. D:


Things I've learned at work this week, thanks to customers?

1) Last week, a cashier called me up, saying a customer at the cash was looking for Turkey lunch meat. No specific brand, just Turkey lunch meat. The cashier double-checked this with the customer, and I was promptly entertained by hearing the customer reply "Yes, Turkey! Goes bok, bok, bok!" The first thing I say is "Turkey's don't go Bok Bok, they Gobble!"

2) A lady asked me today if we sold "Mr. Fish" products. Naturally, I'm thinking "WTF?", but she then mentions the fish products has a man on the box. Therefore, the fisherman on the High Liner products will now be known as "Mr. Fish". And in case anyone's curious, we sell Blue Water Products, not High Liner. XD


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Good God, over a year without an update. And yet I'm on LJ every day checking my Communities.


*would headdesk, if she had a desk*

OKAY. New resolution. I am going to write at least one entry a week. Maybe I'll pick a day and make it part of my routine; maybe it'll be completely boring, and say "Nothing new this week; because I have no life" (which I don't). But I'll DO IT.

If I don't, come poke me on this entry and yell at me or something. Seriously.

Also, I need to keep up with my friends-page more. I don't check that nearly enough. *kicks self*

EDIT: Maybe I'll tweak my journal style too, while I'm at it. This orange is uglier than I remember...

EDIT 2: *eyes new journal style* Hmm, better. Much better. ^^
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I told you guys about how I had issues with my computer, and upon rectifying that problem, I found all my files had been erased from my hard drive.

I said I was going to try to get them retrieved at the local Staples.


Okay, so Staples lied to me. Apparantly they couldn't work on my Mac computer, because it was simply a Mac or because my laptop didn't have a certain plug-in. So I'm slightly miffed at the guy I talked to on Sunday for giving me false hope.

I also contacted a guy who works on Macs locally. He said he could probably help me out, but in the same breath told me it would be $500 cost MINIMUM.

Hahahaha NO.

Also looked into programs that might help me out, but when I used the trial formats, it wasn't finding any of my bigger art files, mainly silly things that was more about the computer bits. Plus the fact I'd have to buy the program and an External HardDrive?

I think it's time to let go of what I lost, and move on. Thankfully, I had a good chunk of my art and resume/school work on disk already.

Wish I could have saved my Kilt Comic cover in HQ though. I LOVE that thing....

Ah well. A moment of silence for that which has been lost in the line of duty, if you please.

*bows her head as TAPS plays in the background*
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That girl? The one who called in and said she couldn't work yesterday?

SHE DID IT AGAIN TODAY, saying her kid was probably getting out of the hospital. And today, she gave me a whole HOUR to find a replacement.

Shock of shocks, I couldn't. Therefore, I had to cover her shift AGAIN.

Now, I don't mind 8-hour shifts. Really. Good opportunity for money and all that. But when I'm not EXPECTING to work said 8 hours, it's not as easy to get through it. When there's a damn good chance someone's lying so they can go get piss-drunk, it's even harder because I wanna smack someone instead of smile at them.

And if this girl's playing games NOW, what about at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's? I don't wanna wait to find out. I need someone I can COUNT on when the bosses are away.
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Just got home from an 8 hour shift; which woulodn't be so bad, if weren't supposed to be a simple 4-hour shift.

The girl who was supposed to come in after me called in an hour after I came in and said she couldn't come in. Apparantly her kid was sick and she hadn't slept in three days and was dizzy, blah blah blah. Anyway, I couldn't find anyone to cover; therefore I was stuck taking and extra 4 hours.

Now, maybe her kid was sick. I don't know; she's used that same reasoning before. But the fact that she was so quick to justify herself with the long, drawn out explaination kinda made me wonder. And she could have called sooner, since she clearly knew how tired she was an hour beforehand (when a higher-up was actually around and available to talk) to save me scrambling to phone people.

Not to mention the fact that it's the Saturday of the long weekend.


Why is it that that youngest worker of the department seems to be the most mature and reliable? Why don't I ever throw the shit at the fan and watch as everyone else scurries to clean it up?

Damn my parents for raising me better than that.



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