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2012-02-10 10:49 pm

Oh, LJ...

So obviously comment notifications are WAY behind again, since I just received one of my anon-comments that I posted 2 hours ago. Wonderful. =_=
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2012-02-06 06:11 pm

...Anon Memes frustrate the HELL out of me sometimes.

Don't mind me, just need a moment to seethe here?

Won't mention WHICH Meme brought this on, but those who track the thread in question might know the one I mean. Basically, Anon puts out a prompt; it's an interesting kink, and the prompt is fairly specific as to what Anon wants.

Another Anon quickly says they're going to fill the request as an art-fill, and gets it done within a few days. IMO, the pairing is actually depicted as in-character as the kink allows, is funny while still bring hot, got a good bit of what was asked for in, and was done quickly. Others who checked it out agreed. OP!Anon responds to the fill and thanks Fill!Anon, even though it 'wasn't exactly what they wanted, and was a little hard to take seriously'. Whether they intended it that way or not, it came off a little ungrateful.

Now, I've put out prompts in various anon memes, including this one in question, and I've had fills that took a different route than I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless and thanked them for the work they did. I've also had tons of my prompts left to collect dust among the hundreds of others ones, that I would have loved ANY kind of fill for, be it Crack or Angst or even a just a paragraph. It also makes me even more hesitant to do Art-fills for prompts that actually can be DONE as art, as so many prompts tend to be detail/lead-up heavy (and everyone EXPECTS fic, dammit all).

Anon, if you didn't quite mean it the way you did, someone took hours of their time to make something especially for you, while others aren't getting a damn thing; be polite and thank them properly. If you wanted one of the prolific Anon!Authors to take it up, they still could have afterwards, (though you may have shot yourself in the foot with your response.)

And if you want something filled and exactly like your vision, do what I did, and sit down and write it yourself.

...The Internet. It's Serious Business. B(
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2012-02-03 07:08 am

Damn oral hygiene crap...

For those that don't know, (which is probably all of you, LOL) I hate going to the dentist. Like, a lot.

Oh, it's not that I've had bad experiences or anything with them; my dentists have always been decent guys and all. And it's not even that I'm prone to cavities, 90% of my check-ups have good results.

It's just that over 20-ish years, I've gone through having 1) palate expanders, 2) retainers, and 3) braces, alongside the typical cleanings and cavity fillings. I still have braces behind my bottom front teeth that I despise.

Add in the fact that my gumline has a habit of bleeding when I get checked/cleaned, I have some really fricken sensitive teeth, and temporomandibular disorder in one side of my jaw (we're going to try a night guard for that. Yippee.) that makes it SUCK to keep my mouth open for an hour straight...

Yeah, I'm really over people poking inside my mouth.

Oh well, one cavity free checkup down this year, and another 4.5 months until my next visit. Yay. :X
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2012-01-25 06:26 pm

I don't normally do this, but...

Just venting over work. Pay no attention unless you want to know why I want to make my boss bend over, just so I can shove my boxcutter up his ass sideways.

Venting in 3...2...1... )

Boss, I know you don't even want to go on this fully paid, company-wide vacation to Cuba you're going on next week (WHAT.), but I'll take a pay cut if you agree to just...just STAY down there. We can manage just freaking fine without you and your fiancee around every day; I do it everyday, and I know the more sane Managers of the other departments can too.

*goes off to draw to feel better*
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2012-01-22 07:16 pm

Stupid little annoying things

I've had this niggling headache since yesterday, and was nightsweating all last night. Ick. Due to my new orthotics messing with my body? IDK.

Food Network's sound keeps fritzing in and out today. And of course it's ONLY on my favorite channel.

Can't find my inking pens to finish my Raoul/Tracks and Young Justice sketches. And I hate posting pencil stuff... Found them.

My computer screen keeps freezing up randomly lately, and I keep having to force a restart on it. No viruses detected, so it's something to do with the tech (which wouldn't surprise me, it has water damage). Backed up all my new art/story files to a spare hard drive, just in case.

Stupid piddly things, but still. :/

I swear, if I have to buy another laptop only 3 years after buying this one...Y_Y
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2012-01-20 03:19 pm

THIS JUST IN! MegaUpload taken down!

"Popular file-sharing website, Megaupload, has been shut down by the federal authorities. Oh, and it turns out its CEO is a music producer. Quite a famous one.

Before we get to the good part, here's the skinny on the takedown. The indictment, which was just unsealed today, accuses Megaupload of breaking anti-piracy laws and claims its pirate-enabling ways have cost copyright holders more than $500 million in lost revenue. According to reports, charges have been laid against seven Megaupload employees - four of which are already in custody in New Zealand. The Department of Justice reckons this is "among the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought by the United States," and listed the coming charges as "racketeering conspiracy, conspiring to commit copyright infringement, conspiring to commit money laundering and two substantive counts of criminal copyright infringement."

Megaupload's side projects, Megavideo, Megapix, Megabox, and yes, even Megaporn have all been taken down as well.

Now, you might recall that Megaupload was having some legal troubles with universal over a bizzare hip-hop video praising the Megupload service. Now the video makes a bit more sense as it turns out it was produced by Megaupload's CEO, who is none other than multi-million selling hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz. Yes, that Swizz Beatz. The one married to Alicia Keys."


Hacker group Anonymous is raging and raging hard. They've hit more than a few websites in retaliation to this.

A moment of silence is needed here, perhaps?
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2012-01-20 02:52 pm

One step forward, something something something...

Have today off, and after trying out/getting my orthopedic inserts (wow, THAT feels weird), I buckled down cleaned my bathroom, and decided to clean my oven for the first time since moving in. Since I have an apartment inspection in a week, I figured it may be a good idea.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, considering it's been 2+ years without a cleaning. Got it all done, replaced the grates and added a liner (to prevent further piles of ash on the floor of the oven, hahaha), and removed the newspaper the product suggests to lay down... Clearly I didn't lay enough down, because on one side of the paper border, was HUNDREDS of little brown spray-spot stains on my vinyl floor tiles. Tried to scrub it off, with no luck.

Enter me completely freaking out. I just cleaned this floor last weekend, and the stains were VERY noticeable.

So I just spent the last 20 minutes scrubbing my floor like a madwoman, using Comet and praying. Thankfully, I think I got 90% of it off, and the rest blends in with the floor design.

THIS? IS WHY I DON'T CLEAN, PEOPLE. It just leads to more cleaning that didn't need to be done before I started cleaning. >_<;
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2011-12-27 09:50 pm

And yet another holiday trip ends

One week and a Christmas later, I'm back at home, waiting to go back to work tomorrow. BOOOOO.

So, how did it go? Well, it was kind of up and down....

fa la la la la... )

I think I've caught a cold though; my throat's been scratchy since Sunday, and now I'm coughing. Of course.

And I didn't get any art/fic done while traveling; I slept through most of both trips, just because of how freaking early the trips were (I was on the move by 6am, both ways). But from the sounds of it I'm not doing anything for New Year's besides working, so I may try something holiday-related this weekend. If not, there's always next year. XD;
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2011-12-15 06:23 pm

'Tis the season for dead grass and bare trees.

With ten days left until Christmas, there isn't a lick of snow on the ground here or in my hometown. In fact, it's been raining all day long. The weather report for the next 14 days isn't very promising either.

All I want for Christmas is a White Christmas. ;_;
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2011-12-06 07:45 pm
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2011-11-30 06:04 pm

*flops on couch and groans*

I am not leaving this couch until bedtime. Period (well, except for snacks, but that doesn't count). You want to see a person's true colors? Take them grocery shopping; you'll see them at their worst. -_-

Going to do a quick edit/spellcheck on my Raoul/Tracks Five Firsts Challenge, expect it to be up in the next couple hours.

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2011-11-26 05:30 pm

Sometimes I wonder why I bother making things pretty...

So apparently my apartment was painted in oil paint. I know because after putting 3 coats of ACRYLIC paint over top, it's peeling like freaking crazy as I remove the tape. >_<

I'm going to touch it up tomorrow, and it is what it is. Even if it looks a little spotty/crappy/ugly in the light. I am NOT buying another can of $40 paint to fix two walls that are peeling anyway.

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2011-11-16 01:49 am

Is there such a thing as "Muse Standard Time"?

Because that'd sure explain why they always want to play at the same time my body wants to sleep. Clearly they need some training to keep up with MY body clock.

Thank God I don't work until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon; this may be a long night.

Icon most definitely related to annoying nocturnal muses. You're very lucky I like you, boys...
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2011-11-13 07:19 am

I've inherited my father sleep cycle it seems.

And by that, I mean very little sleep. Poor guy gets maybe 4 hours sporadically each night, and it seems I'm going to follow his footsteps. Over the last few years, I've noticed that I keep getting up earlier and earlier; a few minutes here or there.

The last couple months, I've been waking up around 6am every day, be it Wednesday or Saturday. I don't have to leave the house until 9am for work, and going back to sleep doesn't happen for me. Sleeping in doesn't exist, unless I stay up until 1 or 2am, and even then it's only maybe til 9, meaning I just get a normal nights sleep.

NOW I'm waking up at 5:30am. Hoo boy...
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2011-11-01 07:12 pm

Serves me right for skimming...

Turns out that challenge over at [ profile] tf_rare_pairing isn't for five fics, but one fic with five segments/vignettes to it with the five firsts/four firsts, one last.


Good thing I didn't start yet. xD;

Still gonna do it though, and try for a couple more fan stuff too this month (since December is sketchy with all the holiday joy and all).
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2011-10-16 01:55 pm


Dammit, I know alcohol bugs my stomach. I KNOW this.

I should have stopped at one cooler. Hell, I was GOING to stop at one cooler.

But my softball teammate had got up and bought me another before I could catch him, plus another chip for one, and they were $5 each...

We should be able to use one tag more than once. Using 'stupidity' once is an understatement on this one.

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2011-10-12 07:25 am


Is it just me, or is LJ Messages lagging the last 12 hours or so? I'm only now getting messages/comments that were posted 3-6 hours ago.
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2011-10-10 08:28 am

Turkey Day!

So today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I'm actually on my way back to my place. I'm thankful there was an Express bus to Toronto, so it'll only be 6 hours on buses instead of 7-8.

I've actually been up north with my family since Thursday afternoon, and we had our family dinner last night. As always, SO MUCH FOOD. Really mom, you need to figure out portions. Really. =_=; We also picked our names for the Secret Santa thing.

My poor sister wound up working all weekend, and couldn't find anyone to take her shift so she missed the dinner last night. She was NOT happy. Christmas dinner is going to be worked around her schedule, as even though she requested Christmas Eve off, there's no guarantees. She's already been stuck working two Xmas Eve's in a row now though, so heads will roll if she's stuck again.

My grandmother...*sigh*. She's still at home, but she looks even worse than the last time I saw her in August. My mom and aunt are getting her into an elderly living apartment next weekend, so at least she'll be able to move around a bit, and sleep in her own bed/bathe in a shower (both are on the second floor of her house, which she can't get up to anymore).

But she can't dress, bathe or cook for herself, and her hand shakes like crazy when she tries to eat. She needs to be in nursing home. But nothing short of a hospital stay is going to get her there now. My aunt is willing to bet that's going to happen by Christmas. I can't disagree with her...

It's hard to see how quickly my grandma deteriorated; 2 years ago, she was still so strong for her age (late 70's) save for a bad shoulder. And watching my 50-something mother already struggling with sore joints and my dad with bad knees...
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2011-09-30 01:42 pm
Entry tags:

Round, round, get around...

Dear Benign Positional Vertigo,

I know you love bugging me when the seasons change, but it kinda makes me feel guilty when you bug me enough that I can't work (what with the constant moving around and all), but I still feel good enough to get other shit done outside the apartment (walking in a straight line? Fine).

I never do though; because, y'know, guilt.

Losing 1/4 of my paycheck this week kinda sucks too, since I'm taking a short week next week for Thanksgiving traveling.

Maybe I'll try drawing or writing this afternoon.

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2011-08-18 06:59 pm
Entry tags:

Sometimes I have to remind myself... much younger most of the guys at my job are than me. Of course, that doesn't always excuse immaturity, and boy, can they be immature asses at times.

Explanation time.

I was working Wednesday night, and one of my co-workers has a habit of asking questions that I call 'brain breakers'. It's normally impolite and/or meant to instigate ("ie: Do you think X is fat?"), as no matter what you answer, it's twisted into making you feel like you're being rude/wrong. Y'know, kinda in that Hannibal Lector way, minus the cannibalism and slurping. Normally I answer, but walk away when he's gets into obviously word twisting. Normally it makes me a little uncomfortable, but nothing that makes me want to react.

The question of the night on Wednesday?

"Do you think (enter co-worker's name here) is gay?"

From what I gleaned of the conversation before he asked me, he (or someone else) may or may not have asked this co-worker that to his face earlier. In the middle of his shift, when he can't just leave.

WHUT. Really?

It's been a long time since I wanted to punch a co-worker. And since I consider myself a pacifist, that takes a lot to make me want to hit someone.

Instead, all I said was "I think that it doesn't matter, and is none of our business."

Afterwards, what I realized what I SHOULD have said was "I think the question 'do you think X is gay?' has messed with more lives than anyone will ever know, and that you need to pick another topic for your jollies." I tend to think of this stuff after the fact, not during the moment.

While not a member of the LGBT community, this really offended me as a human being; I have both longtime friends and family who are LGBT, and I've heard stories about how trapped that very damn question had made them feel at more than one time in their lives.

Hell, even my straight friends have had problems after someone asking this question to/about them. If they're asked and they say no the 'wrong way', they're lying. If they say yes...

Rumors are so damn easy to start, even after high school.

UGH. Just...UGH.