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So apparently my apartment was painted in oil paint. I know because after putting 3 coats of ACRYLIC paint over top, it's peeling like freaking crazy as I remove the tape. >_<

I'm going to touch it up tomorrow, and it is what it is. Even if it looks a little spotty/crappy/ugly in the light. I am NOT buying another can of $40 paint to fix two walls that are peeling anyway.

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Just watched my co-worker, Jason Medeiros and the McMaster Marauders win the Vanier Cup (for Canadian Interuniversity football) 41-38 in double overtime against Laval's Rouge et Or.

Laval's 6-0 at the Cup, and McMaster's never won it. Until tonight.

And now it's 2am, and I am WIDE AWAKE because HOLY SHIT CRAZIEST GAME EVERRRRRRRRR. And I don't even LIKE football. LOL.

*bounces off the walls some more*
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So I finally got off my ass and started painting my apartment. I've only had the paint sitting there for, y'know, 6 MONTHS. But right now it's not muggy to keep the paint sticky, and not cold enough that I can't keep to patio door open to get fresh air in. So hey, figured why not. And in between coats I get to chill out and write/draw; that is, if I get off my ass and do THAT, too. LOL.

Still debating if I want to bother setting up the Christmas tree or not next week. I mean, I'm the only one who really sees it, so... >_>;

Anyway, to make this post worthwhile, have some Kermit being interviewed by George Strombolopolous (yes, that's his real last name) on The Hour. It's hilarious.

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Because that'd sure explain why they always want to play at the same time my body wants to sleep. Clearly they need some training to keep up with MY body clock.

Thank God I don't work until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon; this may be a long night.

Icon most definitely related to annoying nocturnal muses. You're very lucky I like you, boys...
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And by that, I mean very little sleep. Poor guy gets maybe 4 hours sporadically each night, and it seems I'm going to follow his footsteps. Over the last few years, I've noticed that I keep getting up earlier and earlier; a few minutes here or there.

The last couple months, I've been waking up around 6am every day, be it Wednesday or Saturday. I don't have to leave the house until 9am for work, and going back to sleep doesn't happen for me. Sleeping in doesn't exist, unless I stay up until 1 or 2am, and even then it's only maybe til 9, meaning I just get a normal nights sleep.

NOW I'm waking up at 5:30am. Hoo boy...
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The only thing better than getting a new Muppets movie in a few weeks?

Getting a new Muppets movie, and tons of TV Channels showing the older Muppet movies to celebrate it.

*settles in to watch The Muppets Take Manhatten*
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I just had a dream that someone had taken my sketchbook, ripped out some pages from it, and scored/scratched up the rest of it with like a key or something. Needless to say, I was horrified.

The funny thing is...I think it was supposed to be a veteran or something. And it's Rememberance Day here. D:

*makes sure to leave sketchbook at home today, juuuuuust in case*
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Dammit, I know alcohol bugs my stomach. I KNOW this.

I should have stopped at one cooler. Hell, I was GOING to stop at one cooler.

But my softball teammate had got up and bought me another before I could catch him, plus another chip for one, and they were $5 each...

We should be able to use one tag more than once. Using 'stupidity' once is an understatement on this one.

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So today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I'm actually on my way back to my place. I'm thankful there was an Express bus to Toronto, so it'll only be 6 hours on buses instead of 7-8.

I've actually been up north with my family since Thursday afternoon, and we had our family dinner last night. As always, SO MUCH FOOD. Really mom, you need to figure out portions. Really. =_=; We also picked our names for the Secret Santa thing.

My poor sister wound up working all weekend, and couldn't find anyone to take her shift so she missed the dinner last night. She was NOT happy. Christmas dinner is going to be worked around her schedule, as even though she requested Christmas Eve off, there's no guarantees. She's already been stuck working two Xmas Eve's in a row now though, so heads will roll if she's stuck again.

My grandmother...*sigh*. She's still at home, but she looks even worse than the last time I saw her in August. My mom and aunt are getting her into an elderly living apartment next weekend, so at least she'll be able to move around a bit, and sleep in her own bed/bathe in a shower (both are on the second floor of her house, which she can't get up to anymore).

But she can't dress, bathe or cook for herself, and her hand shakes like crazy when she tries to eat. She needs to be in nursing home. But nothing short of a hospital stay is going to get her there now. My aunt is willing to bet that's going to happen by Christmas. I can't disagree with her...

It's hard to see how quickly my grandma deteriorated; 2 years ago, she was still so strong for her age (late 70's) save for a bad shoulder. And watching my 50-something mother already struggling with sore joints and my dad with bad knees...
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Dear Benign Positional Vertigo,

I know you love bugging me when the seasons change, but it kinda makes me feel guilty when you bug me enough that I can't work (what with the constant moving around and all), but I still feel good enough to get other shit done outside the apartment (walking in a straight line? Fine).

I never do though; because, y'know, guilt.

Losing 1/4 of my paycheck this week kinda sucks too, since I'm taking a short week next week for Thanksgiving traveling.

Maybe I'll try drawing or writing this afternoon.

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Queen songs are like potato chips, you can't just have one.

"The Show Must Go On" is probably my favorite of their mainstream hits. The opening, Freddie's determination in every lyric, the message to keep going forward, no matter what's coming up in the next act of your life...Looking back at some of the hits Queen's had, did no one REALLY see there might be something going on with Freddie? I mean, wow.

But I have to admit, I love the Brian Mays' song "I'm In Love With My Car" too. That's for purely fangirly reasons though, so yeah. *teeheehee*
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First off, an update on my mother/grandmother.

Mom's doing well, and finally went back to work last month. She's on a new medication treatment for her Crohn's , that's supposedly meant to be a miracle drug. Hm. Her incisions are all finally healed too, though she's still having some trouble with one area. But life is almost normal again for her. <3

Grandma's back home as of a month ago too; I still worry about her. She's incredibly weak, and living all alone in a decrepit house where she can't even go upstairs least Red Cross is coming in to see her twice a day to help her bathe/dress/cook meals for her. But last week she fell (again), and had her MedAlert button stuck inside her shirt, so it took her an hour to even press the button for help; no broken bones, but she's black and blue.

She may be finally coming around the idea she can't live alone anymore, and is considering an elderly living arrangement. Of course, she should've started that a year ago when my folks suggested it. At this rate, it'll take another major hospital stay to get her in anywhere soon. *sigh*

Meanwhile at work, I got a surprise.

Since I started working here, an elderly couple (I call them Mr and Mrs Grey) would come in and do their groceries together; super-friendly and sweet, always talking to me and asking how I am. But since last winter, the wife was suddenly coming in on her own. I kinda put it off the first few times; but then months go by, and no sign of Mr. Grey...I wanted to ask, but my co-workers have had their regulars cry after being asked how they were/where their partner was, and well...they weren't with us anymore.

But Friday morning, suddenly I see 'Mrs. Grey'...and Mr. Grey pushing the cart! Turns out he'd had a stroke, and has been recovering all this time. He looks a little older, a little weaker, and needs a cane now...but he's still as sweet as ever, asking me how I've been and all that.

I actually got a little teary-eyed seeing him again; it's funny how attached you can get to your regulars, even if you don't really know them...
rebecky_mo: First look of Usopp after timeskip (Big Cheese: RAAAAGE) much younger most of the guys at my job are than me. Of course, that doesn't always excuse immaturity, and boy, can they be immature asses at times.

Explanation time.

I was working Wednesday night, and one of my co-workers has a habit of asking questions that I call 'brain breakers'. It's normally impolite and/or meant to instigate ("ie: Do you think X is fat?"), as no matter what you answer, it's twisted into making you feel like you're being rude/wrong. Y'know, kinda in that Hannibal Lector way, minus the cannibalism and slurping. Normally I answer, but walk away when he's gets into obviously word twisting. Normally it makes me a little uncomfortable, but nothing that makes me want to react.

The question of the night on Wednesday?

"Do you think (enter co-worker's name here) is gay?"

From what I gleaned of the conversation before he asked me, he (or someone else) may or may not have asked this co-worker that to his face earlier. In the middle of his shift, when he can't just leave.

WHUT. Really?

It's been a long time since I wanted to punch a co-worker. And since I consider myself a pacifist, that takes a lot to make me want to hit someone.

Instead, all I said was "I think that it doesn't matter, and is none of our business."

Afterwards, what I realized what I SHOULD have said was "I think the question 'do you think X is gay?' has messed with more lives than anyone will ever know, and that you need to pick another topic for your jollies." I tend to think of this stuff after the fact, not during the moment.

While not a member of the LGBT community, this really offended me as a human being; I have both longtime friends and family who are LGBT, and I've heard stories about how trapped that very damn question had made them feel at more than one time in their lives.

Hell, even my straight friends have had problems after someone asking this question to/about them. If they're asked and they say no the 'wrong way', they're lying. If they say yes...

Rumors are so damn easy to start, even after high school.

UGH. Just...UGH.


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